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You've got a hunch that absenteeism is higher than this time last year… or maybe a gut feeling that turnover in one particular department is outpacing the others. But how do you find out for sure?

An easy-to-use, highly-configurable workforce analytics solution can help you understand the stories that would otherwise be hidden in plain sight (or take a whole lot of digging to uncover). Intuition + information = the perfect foundation for strategic decisions.

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Payworks Workforce Analytics is here to provide timely answers to complex questions and is supported by one-to-one service our clients can count on.

Here are some of the top features our clients say they love:

  • Data at your Fingertips: Workforce Analytics uses the same data as all other Payworks applications, so the Payroll, HR and Absence information feeds into the Analytics platform.
  • Visualizations: They say “a picture’s worth a thousand words” and we’re inclined to agree. Workforce Analytics provides pre-built visual reports and graphs with multiple filter options to bring facts to the forefront.
  • Multiple Data Views: Whether you want to explore your data across cost centres, within departments, or by individual employee, you can narrow or broaden your focus to see the details that matter most.
  • Trend Analysis: Become your stakeholders’ go-to for trend analysis and proactive strategic guidance based on data that’s easy to access and understand.
  • Easy Exporting and Sharing: You can export report data into a spreadsheet for additional analysis or as a PDF graph to make presentations simple and clear.
  • Filtering: Want to drill down to the details? Apply and bookmark your favourite filters to use and reuse as often as you like.

“If you’re using Payworks’ Payroll, you’ve got to have Payroll and Analytics together. Otherwise, you’re not taking full advantage of the information you’ve already got on-hand to run your business. Analytics helped us to start seeing new opportunities for our team and our business, and Payworks makes it so easy and intuitive. I just love it.”

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