Innovation is one of Payworks’ core values – it’s fundamental to our business. We recently introduced an exclusive innovation team called Payworks Labs to our organization in order to investigate emerging technologies and leverage them to add value to our customers and to our company.

We encourage creative thinking and the entrepreneurial spirit throughout our organization, and we’d like to share some of the resulting innovations with you. Thinking caps on!

Innovation | Sep 18, 2019

Now available: the new Payworks home page

We gave you the heads up that the home page was being updated – and it happened. The new home page was released to all Payworks' clients at the end of June and gee, is it ever beautiful! The new layout was designed to keep our customers well-informed about the information most relevant to them. The top left tile is designated to keep clients on top of their day-to-day tasks. It's customizable and can include a list of outstanding warnings to investigate prior to T4 season (we're going to say it, it's right around the corner!) The home page also features tiles to keep our clients informed regarding the latest legislative chances, industry news, new Payworks product enhancement, and even a live feed of the Payworks’ Twitter account (@PayworksInc). It’s topical and trendy!
Innovation | Jun 03, 2019

Absence Management shared calendar is here

We’re going to give you a reason to love the Payworks Absence Management solution even more. In April, shared calendar was released which will be invaluable to users on Employee Self Service. With this new function, your employees will be able to see what their team’s time off is within the time off calendar. This will help employees anticipate when their...
Innovation | May 24, 2019

The new Payworks home page

Our application’s Home Page is getting a makeover! Meaning, you can anticipate on seeing a new layout when you login to the Payworks application. The new Home Page is currently being tested with early adopters to ensure its efficient and easy to navigate for our customers. When launched, it will feature a modern design complete with a tile-based layout. The...
Innovation | May 13, 2019

Newly released features: Workforce Analytics & Analytics Pro

Coming Soon: Analytics Pro Payworks Workforce Analytics enables you to evaluate your organization’s performance at a glance - to transform payroll costs, turnover, and timesheet and absence information into true business intelligence to ensure you’re making timely, data-driven decisions. Need more flexibility and more reporting power for your organization?...
Innovation | Dec 21, 2018

Efficient and cost-effective: Get your digital download for year-end

Archiving and storing payroll and year-end reports can be a real pain - we get it! Why download one file at a time for each pay-run when there is a more efficient way? Why pay year after year for a DVD archive of your data and wait for it to be shipped to you, when you can securely download your data for free and receive it the same day? While Payworks...
Innovation | Dec 14, 2018

Go Green: Why going green takes the stress out of year-end

The benefits of going paperless for year-end processing are significant. Reducing the paper burden is one of the key ways that Payworks can help its clients through the year-end process. Did you know, on average a single person consumes 96 pieces of paper per year simply by getting paid? Through the Payworks Go Green Printing Initiative, Payworks offers...
Innovation | Dec 07, 2018

Digital T4s: A better way to deliver employee tax forms

The default for Payworks’ clients using Employee Self Service (ESS) this year end is set to paperless. The options available to those clients on their year-end authorization screens are: To post employee T4s to their ESS accounts, where the employee can print their own tax form off at any time To choose to print self-sealed forms Payworks’ clients who utilize ESS already distribute their employees’ pays statements electronically. Going forward, the delivery of their T4s will continue in this method. In Canada, there is no requirement from the government that employees have to receive paper T4s, which means we can provide businesses with an even more secure way of distributing their T4s. Electronic T4 distribution is an easier and more efficient delivery method for Canadian employers....
Innovation | Dec 05, 2018

The Payworks year end experience

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to finalizing your company’s year-end and even the slightest hiccup can cause Canadian payroll practitioners an abundance of stress. The payroll solution you use should offer peace of mind. It should enable payroll compliance and reduce the risk of error throughout the year so come year-end, the job is smooth...
Innovation | Aug 03, 2018

Product Enhancement: Time off requests for past pay periods

As of June, Payworks clients using the Absence Management module will be able to more accurately capture their employees’ past time off requests (TORs). Our latest product enhancement means our clients’ payroll administrators and/or managers can create TORs or modify existing ones within the calendar year for pay periods that have already passed. This...
Innovation | Jul 31, 2018

New Product: Facial recognition clocks

Payworks has introduced a new clock option for clients using the Time Management solution. The uFace800 is a facial recognition clock that uses facial verification for employee time logs. The new clocks are an ideal alternative for logging employee fingerprints that may not be picked up by a finger scanner. Those in the automotive repair or food service...
Innovation | Jun 11, 2018

Answering questions you didn't know you had

Evaluate your organization’s performance at a glance, thanks to Payworks’ innovative Analytics solution.  Payworks Workforce Analytics enables our clients to find answers to complex questions and discover trends and anomalies by combining consolidated information across all of their modules, whether that be in their Payroll, Human Resources, Employee Time or Absence Management solutions. Those using Payworks Analytics can either choose to work within pre-built dashboards, or they can create their own to meet their organization’s needs. Either way, users can further mine their data by utilizing filters to manipulate the information and obtain and export the required reports they need. With Payworks Analytics, you can turn workforce data into business intelligence.  What kind of reports can...
Innovation | Jun 10, 2018

New Feature: Statement attachment

Payworks' convenient and secure new Statement Attachment function will soon be available to all current clients.  This new product enhancement enables Payworks clients to attach PDF documents to their employee pay statements. When there is the need to share confidential information with your staff, our new Statement Attachment function is the convenient...
Innovation | Jun 06, 2018

Top 10 reasons to consider Analytics

An article written by Payworks expert Myles Halliday, Vice President, Product Management, as featured in Dialogue Magazine. Don’t allow a simple question to derail your day. Analytics is a must-have tool that allows you to work more efficiently and provide significant value to your organization. Data-driven Decisions: Provide your executive group or boards...
Innovation | Jun 04, 2018

Product Enhancement: Web time with locations

Payworks is excited to announce a new enhancement to our Time Management module: Web Time with Locations. Web Time with Locations enhances the existing Web Time feature that captures employee hours through mobile-optimized Employee Self Service. Payworks clients who have a mobile workforce, such as sales teams or home care workers, will benefit from this...
Innovation | May 07, 2018

Information at your fingertips: Launching Workforce Analytics

Payworks Workforce Analytics is designed for today’s payroll and HR professionals. It’s a powerful business intelligence tool that puts the user in complete control of their workforce data and provides insight into company performance at-a-glance. “Analytics gives organizations access to their data in a format where they can see trends and anomalies and...
Innovation | May 07, 2018

Introducing Payworks Workforce Analytics

Designed for payroll and HR professionals, our powerful new business intelligence tool puts you in complete control of your workforce data and provides insight into company performance at a glance.  "Analytics gives organizations access to their data in a format where  they can see trends and anomalies and quickly get answers to their questions." says Myles...
Innovation | Apr 30, 2018

Coming soon: Absence calendar & schedules in ESS

What’s coming in fall 2018 for Payworks Employee Self Service (ESS) users? Payworks is currently developing an absence calendar and schedules feature. This feature means, with administrator approval, employees will be able to see who they are scheduled to work with as well as who will be away (as per approved absences) from their smartphone, tablet, or other web-enabled device. Administrators will be able to give permissions to ESS users to view both absences and schedules within a particular pay group or department. This new functionality will answer some common ESS user questions. Who am I working with? Who is available to cover my shift? Is someone away for the day? Having the absence calendar and schedules available in ESS will not only allow the user to see their own information, but...
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