Innovation is one of Payworks’ core values – it’s fundamental to our business. We recently introduced an exclusive innovation team called Payworks Labs to our organization in order to investigate emerging technologies and leverage them to add value to our customers and to our company.

We encourage creative thinking and the entrepreneurial spirit throughout our organization, and we’d like to share some of the resulting innovations with you. Thinking caps on!

Innovation | May 26, 2022

New in Applicant Tracking: Text to apply!

Applicant Tracking has introduced a new and easy way to bring candidates directly to the Jobs Page.  Job seekers can now text a number that will conveniently bring them to the page in order to view the current job postings. Admins can also use the...
Innovation | Mar 14, 2022

HR solutions small businesses actually need (and will use!)

Today’s small businesses are facing an increased and highly manual workload when it comes to managing their people – meaning...
Innovation | Mar 09, 2022

Employee time management that’s not time consuming

“Employee time management” means so much more than punching a clock and capturing hours worked (or not worked!), especially...
Innovation | Feb 08, 2022

Addressing today’s workforce challenges with HR management technology

Adaptability, flexibility, versatility, resiliency – businesses have been asked to do it all over the last two years while...
Innovation | Feb 04, 2022

Vaccination tracker, policy development, touchless data capture and more: Payworks has the tools for the ever-evolving world of work

The world of work continues to evolve at what feels like light speed. Between the increased focus on health and safety,...
Innovation | Jan 28, 2022

The top HR and payroll technology providers for 2022

Payworks is proud to have received HRD Canada’s 5-Star Software and Technology Provider Award for 2022 in two award...
Innovation | Jan 24, 2022

It's time to go paperless for year-end

One of our best recommendations to reduce both hours spent and stress experienced when authorizing year-end is to go paperless! Going paperless streamlines processes, saves valuable time, provides an additional layer of security, and is good for the...
Innovation | Jan 05, 2022

Paperless year-end: A better way to deliver employee tax forms

This year-end, the default form delivery method for Payworks clients using Employee Self Service (ESS) is paperless. The...
Innovation | Dec 30, 2021

Fresh start? Yes please! Payworks is right there with you in 2022

Are you and your employees ready for 2022? Excited? Frazzled? All of the above? Whether you’re looking to the months ahead...
Innovation | Nov 26, 2021

Intuitive ROE screen and process coming your way soon

To say the last year and a half has been difficult for businesses is an understatement. In 2020 alone, Payworks clients...
Innovation | Nov 24, 2021

The Payworks year-end experience

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to finalizing your business' year-end, and even the slightest hiccup can cause Canadian payroll practitioners and business owners an abundance of stress. The payroll solution you use should provide peace...
Innovation | Nov 19, 2021

Why everyone’s talking recruitment… and how we can help

By mid-2021, Canadian employers were facing over 800,000 unfilled positions. Pressure to staff up (and competition for...
Innovation | Nov 17, 2021

Here's why no paper equals a less stressed year-end

Reducing the paper burden is one of the key ways Payworks helps clients through year-end. Our clients can receive payroll...
Innovation | Nov 02, 2021

How to optimize your experience with Absence Management

Whether employees are sick at home or enjoying a well-deserved vacation, their time off can easily be tracked using...
Innovation | Oct 19, 2021

Making the most out of "Your Day"

For today’s payroll and HR professionals, staying on top of every detail in your organization can seem overwhelming at...
Innovation | Sep 07, 2021

New enhancements to Applicant Tracking Pro: workflows and configurable offer letters

Users of Applicant Tracking Pro will enjoy a few extra minutes in their workday thanks to a couple of simple enhancements...
Innovation | Aug 10, 2021

New release: Workforce Analytics available 'en français'

We’re pleased to say that the French language component of our Workforce Analytics solution is now available. If you haven’t yet heard what Analytics can do for your business, it’s an easy-to-use but powerful tool that helps transform payroll costs,...
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