Innovation is one of Payworks’ core values – it’s fundamental to our business. We recently introduced an exclusive innovation team called Payworks Labs to our organization in order to investigate emerging technologies and leverage them to add value to our customers and to our company.

We encourage creative thinking and the entrepreneurial spirit throughout our organization, and we’d like to share some of the resulting innovations with you. Thinking caps on!

Innovation | Jun 02, 2021

How to support health and safety in the workplace while it’s more important than ever

Supporting workplace health and safety has always been at the forefront of employers’ priorities. Not only do healthy and safe environments contribute to an individual’s overall morale, motivation, life enjoyment and fulfillment, physical health and...
Innovation | May 31, 2021

Ready to up your remote interview game? Streamline and save time with Applicant Tracking

For many organizations, one of several concepts that’s gone from “novelty” to “routine” over the past year is that of remote...
Innovation | May 26, 2021

Top employee time options for remote workers

The management of remote teams comes with its share of challenges for workforce administrators. Communication between...
Innovation | May 19, 2021

Connecting your virtual team using Shared Calendar

How can you keep your team connected and working together efficiently while being geographically apart? Employee Self...
Innovation | May 18, 2021

Let’s get digital

Whether your organization is leveraging remote work opportunities or has all staff on-site, paperless payroll options are...
Innovation | May 04, 2021

Coordinating calendars for your hiring process just got easier

We’re streamlining businesses’ recruitment efforts with new integrations to Applicant Tracking Pro. We know coordinating...
Innovation | Apr 20, 2021

Coming soon: Accessing multiple accounts with ease thanks to Single Sign-On

For business owners managing multiple locations or bookkeepers overseeing multiple businesses, using our suite of solutions and accessing the information you need across multiple accounts is about to become easier. We’re rolling out single sign-on...
Innovation | Apr 19, 2021

Introducing: a customizable Employee Policy Handbook for Canadian businesses

Policy development from scratch – it’s a comprehensive process that can involve many business stakeholders and take a lot of...
Innovation | Apr 14, 2021

How imagination drives innovation… and why it’s worth the investment

When you’re attempting to keep up with an ever-growing to-do list (a daily struggle for most of us!), it can be hard to stay...
Innovation | Apr 06, 2021

Managing employee availability is easier than ever

Planning and scheduling your workforce to best leverage the hours individual employees are available can be a daunting task...
Innovation | Mar 23, 2021

Get notified! Stay on top of important milestones with email notifications

We know there are many important dates payroll, HR professionals and people leaders want to keep track of. That’s why we’ve developed a handy email notification toolset that makes the juggling and organization of all those dates a breeze. Using the...
Innovation | Mar 09, 2021

New in Workforce Analytics: creating efficiencies with shared Bookmarks on Dashboards

A new feature within our Workforce Analytics platform makes it even easier to find the information needed to inform business...
Innovation | Feb 01, 2021

Wait! Before you authorize those year-end tax forms… two quick reminders

Yes, it’s true – the year-end filing deadline is just around the corner. But if you’ve been diligently following your...
Innovation | Dec 30, 2020

Never search your filing cabinet again - choose a digital download this year-end

Archiving and storing payroll and year-end reports can be a real pain - we get it. But believe it or not, you can skip the...
Innovation | Dec 29, 2020

Remote teams: leveraging document uploads

Did you know that you can use Payworks’ Human Resources module to upload and distribute employee documents to your remote...
Innovation | Dec 22, 2020

With Payworks, year-end (even this one!) is under control: how our industry-leading toolkit will help

Payworks strives to make your year-end experience – which can quickly become complex and stressful – as seamless and...
Innovation | Dec 15, 2020

What you need to know about new T4 boxes for 2020

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has added four new boxes to the T4 for reporting the employment income and retroactive payments necessary to validate payments for support programs like the CEWS, CERB and CESB. So if, for example, your employees...
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