Payworks is a leading workforce management solutions provider and multi-year winner of the Canada’s Best Managed Companies program. With more than 300 employees, we are proud to be Canadian owned and operated, committed to developing world-class products and providing exceptional internal and external customer service.

Our purpose is Doing Right by People. We take care of each other, our customers, and our communities in a sustainable way not because we have to, but because it’s just what we do. Meet the driving force behind Payworks: our people.

Culture | Jun 28, 2019

Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day

From June 17-21, Payworks celebrated National Indigenous...
Culture | Jun 27, 2019

Cereal-ously the best

One of the most Cheerrio days of the year in the Payworks...
Culture | May 03, 2019

20,000 thank yous

Winnipeg-grown payroll provider celebrates 20,000 customers.
Culture | Apr 25, 2019

Get to know the people at Payworks: Chris C

Chris Chandonnet is one of our dedicated Client Service...
Culture | Apr 02, 2019

Translation Station wins the Golden Keyboard

The CodeWorks train pulled into Translation Station in the...
Culture | Mar 21, 2019

Joining National Leasing for the Blanket Exercise

Together, employees of Payworks and CWB National Leasing,...
Culture | Mar 11, 2019

From gold to platinum, the difference is you

Payworks is proud to have been recognized for overall...
Culture | Mar 07, 2019

Get to Know Tanna Kuiken

Tanna Kuiken is a Payworks Sales Consultant in Edmonton by...
Culture | Jan 21, 2019

T4 Season has come... and we have your back

Wait, what in the Seven Kingdoms is going on here? Our...
Culture | Jan 04, 2019

A Game of Thrones-inspired T4 Season?

What does the popular HBO television series Game of Thrones...
Culture | Nov 28, 2018

Get to know the people at Payworks: the year-end edition

Cheryl Costen is a Payworks Product Support Specialist...
Culture | Oct 01, 2018

Top Fundraising Team, AGAIN!

The Payworks United Way Winnipeg Plane Pull Team is never...
Culture | Aug 30, 2018

Get to Know Trina Huntley

She’s the first face many of us see here at Payworks. But...
Culture | Aug 02, 2018

Meet Systems Developer Kyle Leung

Kyle Leung has been a Systems Developer with  Payworks ,...
Culture | Jul 23, 2018

The Golden Keyboard has been awarded

The Payworks Development Team participated...
Culture | Jul 23, 2018

A warm welcome to Youth CEO

Payworks National Service Centre in Winnipeg welcomed 16...
Culture | Jul 19, 2018

Meet Client Service Representative Wayne Newcombe

Wayne Newcombe is a Client Service Representative...
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