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What’s new at Payworks? We’re glad you asked!

Here, you’ll get to know our team and how we’re helping Canadian businesses succeed, learn more about our community commitment, and explore useful product videos, collaborative partnership announcements, media releases, and editorial pieces – plus some “behind-the-scenes” of what makes Payworks a great place to work and partner.

Media | Nov 26, 2023

We get it: when people are counting on you, it’s never just business

No one “gets it” better than a fellow small business owner… that when people are counting on you, it’s never just business. Just like you, we’re a local business and proud of it. In 2000, entrepreneur Barb Gamey co-founded Payworks in the prairies....
Media | Jul 19, 2023

Watch: There’s peace of mind in being data-driven

You've got a hunch that absenteeism is higher than this time last year… or maybe a gut feeling that turnover in one...
Media | Jul 11, 2023

Watch: Enhance the way you manage time

Making sure you've got the right people in the right place at the right time, tracking their time, and ensuring they're paid...
Media | Jul 06, 2023

Watch: Manage time off easily with Absence Management

Your team works hard - and they deserve every last one of their vacation days! But with staff coming and going, it can be...
Media | Jun 15, 2023

Watch: Manage recruitment from A to Z in one place

Finding the perfect match can be easier said than done. Let’s face it: they’ve got options, and how do you even find each...
Media | Jun 08, 2023

Payworks signs NPI’s Declaration for Payroll

A new study of working Canadians, conducted by the National Payroll Institute (NPI) and hosted on the Angus Reid Forum,...
Media | Jun 07, 2023

Watch: We’re payroll experts so you don’t have to be

Whether you’re a seasoned payroll pro, brand-new to the industry, or a small business owner who (quite frankly) never wanted to deal with this stuff in the first place, there’s one thing upon which we bet you can all agree: payroll is complicated!...
Media | May 26, 2023

Register to discover the pillars of self-leadership with Payworks Learning and Development experts and CPA Canada

Canadian accountants and bookkeepers know the importance of managing finances and balancing the books. But what about...
Media | May 20, 2023

Watch: Focus on your people, not paperwork

How many sticky notes can fit around the edge of a computer monitor? How high can you stack random paperwork before it...
Media | May 16, 2023

Building what lasts: Barb Gamey inducted into Manitoba Business Hall of Fame

Some people are undeniably “builders” by nature. They’re innovative problem-solvers, visionary thinkers and inspiring...
Media | Apr 04, 2023

We’re honoured to be recognized as a top employer and solutions provider

Every year for many years, one of Payworks’ primary Objectives and Key Results for the months ahead has been to nurture an “engaged workforce dedicated to our purpose.” That purpose, of course, is “doing right by people” - whether our clients,...
Media | Oct 17, 2022

Small Business Stories (Health & Wellbeing Edition): Reh-Fit Centre

It was over 40 years ago that “the Reh-Fit Centre first opened its doors, when a few bold doctors wondered if exercise might...
Media | Oct 11, 2022

Small Business Stories: King + Bannatyne

River City Brisket. Carolina BBQ Braised Beef. Jalapeno Pineapple BBQ Jackfruit. Is your mouth watering yet? Yep, us too. To...
Media | Oct 03, 2022

Small Business Stories: Jenna Rae Cakes

Less than a decade ago, Jenna Hutchinson was working in the service industry, planning for dentistry school and making cakes...
Media | Jul 27, 2022

We’ve made some changes to our website! has a fresh new look and we can’t wait for you to explore the site! What you’ll find on Logging in:...
Media | Jun 13, 2022

Small Business Stories: Planet Pantry

Protecting the planet can feel like an overwhelming endeavour. But did you know that making simple, eco-friendly switches in...
Media | Jun 06, 2022

Small Business Stories: Black Market Provisions

In the heart of Winnipeg’s thriving South Osborne neighborhood, a “tiny but mighty” shop welcomes all from near and far, who come back time and time again for the “good eats to go” and “cute and rad goods” proudly advertised on its windows. The...
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