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Compliance is critical… and complicated. Employment standards differ by province and territory, but finding the valuable information your business needs doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’re here to guide businesses in navigating the ever-changing Canadian legislative landscape and are your resource for federal, provincial, and territorial legislative payroll and HR administration updates. For our clients, their dedicated, NPI-trained Client Service Representatives are always a quick click or call away for complex legislative questions – when you call, we answer!

Resources | Sep 26, 2023

Back to school: professional development edition

September is back to school month. While it’s typically the time of the year where kids and young adults are sharpening their pencils, it’s also a great time of year for professionals to stop and think about their own learning journey and...
Resources | Sep 22, 2023

Health & wellness biz: explore time-saving payroll & HR solutions

When your nine-to-five (and often beyond) is all about your clients’ health and wellness, it can be all-too-easy to let your...
Resources | Sep 18, 2023

Increasing employee retention and satisfaction with accurate, professional payroll

It seems like common sense that payroll accuracy would contribute to your team’s engagement and sense of security – hello,...
Resources | Sep 14, 2023

Hotels: ready to simplify scheduling and payroll? We’re here to help!

No matter what business you’re in, the first days of September often mark a change of pace. If you happen to be in charge of...
Resources | Sep 05, 2023

Your guide to unique and tricky-to-navigate Alberta payroll legislation

Calling all Alberta-based businesses – or organizations with employees in Alberta! If you’re looking for straightforward and...
Resources | Aug 15, 2023

Unlock your potential: four pillars to self-leadership

Self-leadership, or the art of leading oneself, is an important skill for individuals seeking success and fulfillment. After...
Resources | Aug 09, 2023

Book Lovers Day: Recos from Amanda, one of our Marketing stars

Be honest: is your brain feeling a little fuzzy after the past few weeks of summertime sun? Yep, ours too. Thankfully, today is National Book Lovers Day and a great opportunity to sharpen up again! This year, we’ve reached out to Senior Marketing...
Resources | Jul 17, 2023

Navigating British Columbia payroll legislation? Let us help you!

If you’re a British Columbia (BC)-based business, or an organization with employees in BC, you likely have questions about a...
Resources | Jun 26, 2023

How to do it better: online payroll deduction calculator edition

Every time you process payroll, one of many factors to keep top of mind is payroll deductions. There are two categories of...
Resources | Jun 22, 2023

From our experts: the HR data that matters

Human Resources (HR) professionals are surrounded by SO. MUCH. DATA (both quantitative and qualitative). It’s important to...
Resources | Jun 16, 2023

Myth-buster: payroll software doesn’t replace your accountant

Think that leveraging a payroll and workforce management solution would mess up or confuse things for your accountant? Think again. We’re addressing this common misconception, because the truth is that those solutions won’t replace your accountant;...
Resources | May 25, 2023

Updated info on provincial and territorial statutory holiday legislation for National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

In 2021, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation was established as a statutory holiday for employees in the federal...
Resources | May 15, 2023

Sharing your Authentic Self, for the Sake of Mental Health

Stories have enormous potential. They can teach us a lesson, tug at our heartstrings or reveal an entirely new...
Resources | May 08, 2023

What employers need to know about Ontario payroll legislation

As your business’ payroll expert, you already know that legislative requirements differ between provinces and territories in...
Resources | Apr 28, 2023

Leading by listening: why zero pressure from us equals better solutions for you

If you’re looking to free up some of your precious time when it comes to payroll, employee time management and HR, what’s...
Resources | Mar 26, 2023

The Brain Fuel Experts You Need in Your Life: Dietitians

While March is officially Nutrition month, there’s really no wrong time to get proactive about your dietary health. To give...
Resources | Mar 13, 2023

Recruitment and retention on your mind? Let’s talk reskilling

“The Great Resignation.” “Quiet firing.” “Boomerang employees.” Feel like you’ve heard enough HR buzzwords for a lifetime? Yep, us too. But there’s one word that seems to have been steadily growing in popularity, and for good reason - many are...
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