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Employment standards differ by province, but you can find the valuable information you need readily at your fingertips. Payworks keeps current on legislative updates such as pensionable and vacationable earnings, leaves, CPP and QPIP, insurability, labour standards, and stat holidays (amongst others). We’re your resource for federal and provincial legislative payroll and HR administration updates.

Resources | Nov 04, 2019

Do I have Remembrance Day off work?

That's a great question!  Whether or not businesses are closed for Remembrance Day in Canada, depends on the province in which the business is located. As such, not all employees are entitled to the same days off work. Remembrance Day is a public...
Resources | Oct 31, 2019

Top 10: reasons businesses should outsource payroll

Owning a small business means wearing many metaphorical hats, some of which may feel like a more natural fit than others....
Resources | Oct 21, 2019

Canadian payroll legislation: vacation pay rates and entitlements

Vacation pay is remuneration paid to an employee for the vacation time off to which they are entitled according to their...
Resources | Oct 18, 2019

Payroll facts Canadian business owners need to know

A burning desire to process payroll likely isn’t the reason you’ve gone into business. But it is core to running a...
Resources | Oct 14, 2019

Législation canadienne sur la paie : indemnisation des accidentés du travail

C’est une des choses dont vous disposez, mais espérez ne jamais avoir à utiliser. L’indemnisation des accidentés du...
Resources | Oct 07, 2019

Canadian payroll legislation: vacationable earnings

Vacationable entitlement is accrued during the vacation year. Do you know what earnings are used to determine that...
Resources | Sep 30, 2019

Payroll legislation: maternity & parental leave

In Canada, Employment Insurance (EI) provides a benefit in the form of financial assistance when employees are absent from work for either maternity or parental leave.  EI maternity and parental benefits are available to people who are away from...
Resources | Sep 23, 2019

Best Practices: what to do with employee personal information

We live in a time where awareness regarding our personal information, especially who has it and what they are doing with it,...
Resources | Sep 23, 2019

Canadian payroll legislation: statutory holiday pay rates

In Canada, employees are entitled to be paid on statutory holidays. The recognition of the various holidays varies between...
Resources | Sep 16, 2019

Canadian payroll legislation: termination notice

In Canada, there are employment laws in every province regarding termination notice. Employees are entitled to a notice of...
Resources | Sep 09, 2019

Canadian payroll legislation: EI and CPP information

On your pay statement, if you have a look the 'Deductions' heading you will notice that every pay period there are deductions taken from your pay for both EI and CPP.  EI, or Employment Insurance, is program in Canada that supplies temporary income...
Resources | Aug 26, 2019

Canadian payroll legislation: Tax credits

Why do Canadian employers need to be aware of federal and provincial tax credits?  In most instances, employers deduct tax...
Resources | Aug 19, 2019

Canadian payroll legislation: Workers compensation

It's one of those things you have, but hope to never use.  Workers compensation is a program administered by Canadian...
Resources | Aug 12, 2019

Canadian payroll legislation: Special payments

A special payment is remuneration provided to an employee asides from a regularly scheduled payment. Special payments can...
Resources | Aug 09, 2019

Book club with the Director of HR

Though the August long weekend may be over, we can't help but share our excitement for Friday, August 9. That's because...
Resources | Jan 23, 2019

How to make an employee feel welcome on their first day

Think back to your last ‘first day’ at your career. It might have been decades since this was the case, but try to recall...
Resources | Jan 22, 2019

Five Pro Resume Tips: How to position yourself and snag the interview

Imagine the excitement and anxiety of your dream career being posted. You’re energized, enthused, eager and hopeful – this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. At the same time you’re riddled with nerves, worry and apprehension – you want...
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