Fête nationale du Québec - stat holiday legislation



National Holiday or “la Fête nationale du Québec” (formerly known as Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day) is known among Quebecers as the day that kicks off summer fun in the province! For payroll practitioners or business owners with locations or employees in Québec, the end of June is also a great reminder to set yourself up for success in navigating two upcoming stat holidays (National Holiday and Canada Day) among all those vacation requests.

Like all statutory holidays, Québec’s National Holiday is subject to specific banking and payroll legislation. It’s common for this type of legislation to differ between provincially-regulated or industry-specific workplaces (for example, retail). As such, there are not only bank and provincial government closures to work around; you also need to understand how statutory or general holiday pay applies to your employees. Let’s explore what you need to know about the stat holiday legislation for la Fête nationale du Québec!

What’s National Holiday?

National Holiday (la Fête nationale du Québec) is one of the province’s eight paid statutory holidays. Eligible employees are entitled to receive the day off and an indemnity. For more information about statutory holidays in Québec (QC), visit: https://www.cnesst.gouv.qc.ca/en/working-conditions/leave/statutory-holidays/list-paid-statutory-holidays.

To whom doesn’t this paid holiday apply?

It’s important for Canadian employers to know that with the exception of QC, la Fête nationale is not designated as a statutory or paid holiday in any other province or territory in Canada. It’s also not a recognized statutory holiday for federally-regulated employees and workplaces unless they work in the Province of Québec and it’s specified in their collective agreement.

To whom does this paid holiday apply?

In QC, National Holiday is listed as one of the government holidays and as such is generally observed by provincial government employees and workplaces, municipal government offices, many federal government institutions located in Québec, and various businesses. This is the only holiday in QC to which no other provincial rules apply for eligibility. The only rule is that you need to be employed on the day of this holiday.

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