Earn rewards for recommending Payworks



We’re excited to announce our new Full Circle Rewards program for Payworks clients. You’re already telling others about Payworks, so why not start earning rewards while you’re at it? It’s our way of saying “thank you!”

Here’s how it works – it’s really easy:

  1. Sign up to join Full Circle and receive a Member ID.
  2. Share your Member ID with people you think would benefit from Payworks.
  3. Earn rewards – like payroll credits and gift cards! - and redeem your choice of rewards through the Payworks application.

There’s no purchase necessary! Earning rewards is as simple as one of your contacts requesting a quote or subscribing to our blog.

If someone you’ve referred through the Full Circle Program does choose to sign-up with Payworks, you will also be entered into a grand prize draw valued at $7,500!

To become a Full Circle member and start earning rewards today, visit fullcirclerewards.ca and select “Log in to join now.”

A woman sitting at her desk in a home office with a laptop in front of her. She’s looking down at the desk and smiling. Text reads: Full Circle Rewards -FullCircleRewards.ca.

Seeing is believing!

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