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Discovery Day – stat holiday legislation explained
Resources | Jul 19, 2024

Discovery Day – stat holiday legislation explained

Every year in the Yukon, the third Monday of August is known as Discovery Day, which has been a territorial statutory...
“Payroll tax” provincial legislation details: the rates, exemptions, & how to make it all a breeze
Resources | Jul 12, 2024

“Payroll tax” provincial legislation details: the rates, exemptions, & how to make it all a breeze

Did the term “payroll tax” give you a bit of a jolt? Fair enough; after all, it’s not a remittance common across all...
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Media | Jul 11, 2024

Partner Story: Why Enkel aligned with us to support their growth vision

In the ever-evolving financial services landscape, Enkel stands out as a steadfast guide for businesses and nonprofits alike, illuminating the path to financial clarity and success. Nearly a decade ago, amidst the chaos of spreadsheets and receipts,...
Resources | Jul 05, 2024

The payroll info your biz needs to know for “August Long Weekend”

While the “August Long Weekend” is known across Canada as a perfect opportunity for camping, attending a backyard barbecue...
Pay It Forward | Jul 02, 2024

Our leaders team up to Pay it Forward to NorWest Co-op Community Health

Uniting across shared values by supporting a local charitable organization – is there a stronger team-building activity out...
Culture | Jun 27, 2024

We’re here, we’re there… and here’s where to spot us this summer and beyond!

Anyone who’s taken even the quickest of scrolls through our Instagram account knows that the people of Payworks are all...
Resources | Jun 21, 2024

The public holiday legislation your biz needs to know for National Indigenous Peoples Day

June is National Indigenous History Month, when each of us is invited to recognize and reflect upon the heritage and...
Resources | Jun 20, 2024

Nunavut Day – stat holiday legislation explained

Every year on July 9, Nunavummiut folks in Nunavut celebrate the “birthday” of their unique territory, which was established...
Pay It Forward | Jun 14, 2024

HQ staff share why we’re proud to be Partners for Life with Canadian Blood Services

While our team is always down to figuratively “roll up their sleeves” in giving back to the community, they take it literally when it comes to being Partners for Life with Canadian Blood Services (CBS)! Over the course of the last fiscal year, our...
Innovation | Jun 13, 2024

Dive into your data: unveil absenteeism trends & use insights to guide strategies

No matter the size of your organization, having the right people in the right place at the right time really matters. And...
Resources | Jun 11, 2024

Stat holiday legislation roundup: Canada Day

Pop quiz: when we say “Canada Day,” is your first thought of beaches, BBQs and bonfires… or is it of staff scheduling and...
Resources | Jun 05, 2024

New workplace violence legislation impacting Saskatchewan employers

As an employer, having a workplace violence policy and prevention plan helps ensure your people are aware of the risks they...
Resources | Jun 03, 2024

Navigating Newfoundland & Labrador payroll legislation? We can help!

You likely have a great rhythm in place for paying your employees accurately and on time, but you’re also likely no stranger to extra time spent filtering through (and trying to understand) the legislation complications that pop up from time to...
Pay It Forward | May 31, 2024

How we love helping RMHC offer families a “home away from home” when they need it most

There’s a special kind of “happy” that comes from knowing you’ve made a positive difference in someone’s day! The Payworks...
Resources | May 24, 2024

Fête nationale du Québec - stat holiday legislation

National Holiday or “la Fête nationale du Québec” (formerly known as Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day) is known among Quebecers as...
Innovation | May 17, 2024

Customer Story: How our scalability has supported Italian Centre Shop’s exponential growth

Founded by Frank Spinelli in 1959, the Italian Centre Shop (ICS) has been a “home away from home” for expats and longtime...
Innovation | May 14, 2024

In case you missed it: Product enhancements we’ve made to set you up for the best year yet

There’s only one way to stay on top of the ever-changing best practices of workforce management: to evolve right along with...
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