Year-end is here: what you need to know & what's new



Originally published January 15, 2020

Year-end is upon us yet again. Payworks strives to make your year-end experience – which can quickly become complex and stressful – as seamless and straightforward as possible. We’ve created a complete year-end toolkit to help make that happen, so you can meet the authorizing deadline of February 15, 2024. These tools include our Year-End Checklist, help videos, Year-End Guide, and new screen tours. Have the peace of mind knowing that every step of the way, Payworks has your back.

Year-End Checklist

The Year-End Checklist is the first thing you see when you land on the year-end processing screen. This tool will help you stay organized as you work through each of the steps required to complete your year-end experience. Each step includes a recommended timeline and a hyper-linked task description which takes you directly to the appropriate screen you need to complete each step. The last step doesn’t have a link – because it’s a simple reminder of what needs to be done by the authorizing deadline. The Year-End Checklist also enables you to take digital notes during each step. That way, you can document info you need to stay organized or highlight any key points important to your organization. The notes also stay intact from year to year so you can recall information correctly and with ease.

Help videos

Are you more of a visual learner? You can ease your stress at year-end by accessing our help videos which walk you through each of the interactive steps on our Year-End Checklist.

To watch the videos, navigate to the Year-End Checklist on the year-end processing screen. There you’ll see the available screen tours on the right-hand side of the checklist under the Help column. Click the play icon within the step you desire. From there, a video will pop up that guides you through each step.

Screen tours

We have another way to help streamline our clients’ year-end experience: screen tours. We listened to our clients’ helpful feedback and have created specific screen tours for the year-end steps that are the most intricate to complete.

Each screen tour guides you through the step’s requirements – literally, step-by-step. These screen tours are a fantastic resource for those who learn by doing as they guide you to the exact places you need to action. Talk about making year-end more efficient!

To take a screen tour, navigate to the Year-End Checklist on the year-end processing screen. The screen tours are located on the right-hand side of the checklist. Click the blue “Show me how” button next to the step you’d like to learn more about.
Stay tuned as we add more screen tours in the future.

We’re only a phone call away

Are you stuck on one of the year-end steps? Payworks’ Client Service Representatives are a quick phone call or email away. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a question. You can always email your representative directly, give us a call at 1-866-788-3500, or email with your inquiry.

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