The new Payworks home page


Our application’s Home Page is getting a makeover! Meaning, you can anticipate on seeing a new layout when you login to the Payworks application.

The new Home Page is currently being tested with early adopters to ensure its efficient and easy to navigate for our customers. When launched, it will feature a modern design complete with a tile-based layout. The overall goal of redesigning the Home Page is to keep our customers well-informed about the information that’s most relevant to them and to further help them in being more efficient in their day-to-day tasks.

When you login to the new Home Page you will see tiles in the top left that will indicate any items that need to be addressed with your payroll. This could be how many pending time off requests you have, how many days there are until your next payroll run, how many missing SINs you have, and/or a countdown to the year-end deadline. Whatever appears in this section will be based on what you have indicated is the most important to your business.

The Home Page will also feature legislative updates, industry news, announcements regarding Payworks product enhancements, and there will even be a live update of Payworks’ social media feeds. Stay tuned!

Interested in a Demo or more info?

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