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Making sure you've got the right people in the right place at the right time, tracking their time, and ensuring they're paid properly for it: important? Absolutely. Quick and easy? Not so much…

…unless you find a way to streamline all these tasks within one simple, secure and user-friendly system that you and your team will enjoy! And it's even sweeter when everyone can access it from anywhere, anytime (yep - it's possible).

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Whether you have one employee or thousands, Payworks Time Management was tailor-made to the unique needs of Canadian businesses just like yours and is supported by one-to-one service our clients can count on.

Here are some of the top features our clients say they love:

  • Employee Self Service: Your employees will be psyched to have 24/7 secure mobile access to update their availability, view the team’s shared calendar, and easily and accurately capture hours worked.
  • Integrated Scheduling: Scheduling doesn’t have to be such a slog! All employee availability and time off requests are clearly consolidated into one spot, helping to automate schedule generation.
  • Time Capture Options: Whether you’re looking for traditional punch clocks or modern biometric time capture solutions, we’ve got lots of options to suit your workforce.
  • POS Integrations: No more rekeying data! Enjoy the saved time and streamlined bliss of Point of Sale system integrations and punch data imports.
  • Automated Calculations: Yep, enjoy that deep sigh of relief - stat holidays and overtime calculations, break rules and premiums are all automatically calculated for you.
  • Availability: No more last-minute changes! You can use a locking feature on published schedules, and you and your team can set recurring or single-day availability for future ones.

“We’ve used Payworks Payroll since 2016, and have since added Time Management and Absence Management. I like how they work in tandem, streamlining our overall processes and ensuring accuracy and efficiency. This allows me more time in my week to complete other tasks that I may have struggled to find the time for. And the customer service is excellent - consistent, positive and diligent.”

Sling Choker MFG

Hamilton, ON

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