We get it: when people are counting on you, it’s never just business



No one “gets it” better than a fellow small business owner… that when people are counting on you, it’s never just business.


Just like you, we’re a local business and proud of it. In 2000, entrepreneur Barb Gamey co-founded Payworks in the prairies. We grew out of the heart of Canada and have been proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated ever since. Because of these roots, we understand what it takes to get into business and find, onboard and pay employees right here at home.

Building something new and running a small business has many wonderful rewards, but there’s so much more to it than that – whether it’s the inspiration and the example set for the people you love most to the legacy of hard work, creativity, and community-building that you leave behind.

Running a business means the to-do’s are never really done, but we’re here to help check payroll off of that mile-long list: from setting you up in five simple steps and offering expertise in all things payroll compliance to a real live human answering your call in under 60 seconds (imagine!).

You know the name of everyone on your payroll, and we’ll know yours. That way you can get back to all your other “why”s with added confidence and peace of mind.

There are so many reasons why tens of thousands of Canadian businesses already trust Payworks to get it right. Learn more: https://www.payworks.ca/landing-pages/its-never-just-business

Seeing is believing!

Curious what better Canadian workforce management looks like in action (and how much time you could reclaim in your day-to-day)? Book a pressure-free, get-to-know you demo today.