Life at Payworks: “People can be comfortably themselves”



We get it – there are so many wonderful Canadian businesses where you can choose to build your career (many of which are clients and partners of ours, incidentally!), and it can be hard to know what life is really like at any of them. That’s why our team’s here to share with you – in their own words – a few slices of life at Payworks.

Picture this: you’re a few weeks into a new job, and that coworker you’ve been paired up with for a few projects mentions their weekend plans… which sound a whole lot like your own. Turns out you’ve got more in common than just your role! You start connecting over shared interests, swapping playlists, and DM-ing favourite recipes… and through chatting more, you realize that you see the world from a complementary perspective as well.

Eventually (or immediately!), they’re your go-to for everything from problem-solving and collaboration to a cathartic vent session and an equally-restorative laugh fest over coffee. Yep, it’s official: you’ve got a new work bestie!

Sound familiar? You know how great it feels. And if you’ve never experienced it… what are you waiting for?! It’s time to get to know a team full of warm, funny and hardworking folks for whom “doing right by people” is our purpose (on and off the clock).

In the short video below, our team shares part of what makes Payworks such an engaging place to spend their workdays (hint: it’s our people!). Check it out to hear it straight from the source.

It’s true – there’s something special about the 500+ employees we’ve got all across the country! That’s just one of the reasons so many of them choose to stick around: in our most recent engagement survey, over 90% of respondents agreed that they could see themselves working at Payworks for at least another year. In fact, each of the people you heard from in the video linked above have been part of the organization for at least five years (and one of them’s been here for over 20!).

At Payworks, everyone belongs. We’re committed to constantly learning and creating a space free from barriers, where inclusion is our strength and differences are celebrated.

We’re also growing in communities from coast to coast. Can’t wait for a closer look at what Payworks is all about? Visit us at – because when it comes to great people, there’s always room for one more.

Seeing is believing!

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