Attn: small business owners – your top questions have been answered!

Cassie Hamer

Cassie Hamer

Sales Consultant, Payworks

Bringing almost a decade of client service experience to her role as Sales Consultant, Cassie effectively and creatively collaborates with clients to solve problems and improve business operations, leveraging Payworks’ technology and service models and building long-lasting partnerships.
Conseillère aux ventes, Payworks

Forte d’une expérience de près de dix ans dans le domaine du service à la clientèle, Cassie collabore de manière efficace et créative avec ses clients pour résoudre des problèmes et améliorer leurs opérations commerciales grâce à la technologie et aux modèles de service de Payworks, et crée ainsi des partenariats durables.

One of the best parts of my day as a Sales Consultant is fielding questions and identifying solutions that make my clients’ work lives run smoother. It’s so gratifying to see how a simple change can make a major impact!

While every business is unique, there are a few inquiries I’ve been hearing a lot lately – particularly from small business owners. In honour of Small Business Month, here are some of the top Qs (and As!)… and some kind words from clients whose questions have been answered.

How do I establish a pay cycle that keeps my business compliant?

Whether you’re paying your team weekly, monthly or somewhere in between, there are regulations around the hours reflected in a pay period… and those regulations differ by province or territory, industry and employee type.

Confused? Problem solved: Payworks has in-house experts in offices (and remote workspaces) from coast-to-coast, each of who has built a deep knowledge of their region’s rules. Establishing a pay cycle that’s compliant with these regulations is one of the first steps of the onboarding process, and our CPA-certified Implementation team will ensure you’re set up for success from day one.

“Our onboarding experience was convenient, accurate and smooth. My customer rep is very efficient and accommodating, and is a pleasure to deal with. Payworks takes the headache out of doing my own payroll so I can focus on running the business.”
- Bonny Castle Montessori Daycare
Surrey, BC

How can I grant employees easy – but also secure – visibility to important info?

Whether it’s providing access to pay details, ensuring across-the-board communication of new operating policies (particularly over the course of the pandemic!) or otherwise, an increasing number of small businesses have been asking how to streamline communication with their team.

One of the best tools is Payworks Employee Self Service, which empowers employees and reduces HR administration costs – sold! Learn more here.

“My favourite part of working with Payworks is the amount of work/thinking the program does for me. Easy pay schedule to follow, easy to make sure all employees are paying proper taxes, and LOVE that T4s are made automatically. Makes our company look more professional to our employees and has given me a lot of my time back. Keep doing what you’re doing.”
- Diederichs Service & Repair
Middle Lake, SK

What can I save by outsourcing my payroll?

Money, time, sanity… the list goes on! For a deeper dive, here are the top 10 reasons businesses should outsource payroll.

Ultimately, partnering with a trusted provider like Payworks and letting us do the heavy lifting gets you back to doing what you love, whether it’s building your business or even just taking some time to recharge. What will you do with your newfound time?

“As a small business owner, my least favourite part is tracking and reporting with payroll, but this product is really easy. And when I forget how to do some of it, there are a lot of great resources online if I’m able to help myself, or a quick phone call. I LOVE my specialist, but anyone I ask for help is friendly and knowledgeable. During the pandemic, Payworks also had amazing resources to help with calculations that the government required.”
- Worden Displays
Scarborough, ON

Seeing is believing!

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