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Cindy Tarasow

Cindy Tarasow

HR & Analytics Specialist, Payworks

Cindy has over two decades of broad Human Resources experience across a number of private and public sectors, well-positioning her to serve Payworks’ clients as a subject matter expert in leveraging their organizations’ business intelligence to guide strategy and decision-making.
Spécialiste, RH et analytique, Payworks

Comptant plus de 20 d’expérience dans le domaine des ressources humaines, autant dans le secteur privé que dans le secteur public, Cindy possède toutes les compétences nécessaires pour bien servir les clients de Payworks à titre de spécialiste des RH, les aidant à développer une intelligence d’affaires pour leur entreprise dans le but d’élaborer des stratégies et de prendre des décisions.

By mid-2021, Canadian employers were facing over 800,000 unfilled positions. Pressure to staff up (and competition for qualified employees) is high, and employers may be feeling overwhelmed… which is why Payworks is here to help!

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) can provide automated and configurable workflows to empower businesses to manage every part of the recruitment process – even the nitty-gritty details – from one central location.

Here’s what Canadian businesses love about ATS:

  • Streamline recruitment activities by creating a job posting page with employer branding, and cast a broad net across top job boards and social media sites.
  • Leverage customizable application forms within job postings and during the hiring process, ensuring required responses are submitted for areas deemed vital to the role from a comprehensive list of form fields.
  • Save time by eliminating the need to respond to every single applicant to let them know their application has been received by using email templates.
  • Share video, audio and written responses to pre-screening questions with all users who have permission to view the candidate’s file.
  • Easily identify top candidates through shareable notes and a candidate ranking tool.
  • Clear up those back-and-forth emails in your inbox with calendar integrations.
  • Create multiple offer letters, pre-configured based on the position. This allows businesses to tailor their communications without having to rewrite a new letter each time they make an offer to a potential new hire.
  • Access an unlimited number of email templates that save time every step of the way – from initial responses to interview setups to onboarding.
  • Gain insight into opportunities to improve your recruitment process through comprehensive reporting functionality to measure the quality of recruitment postings, time to hire and more.

A complete hiring solution can assist Canadian businesses in hiring employees in a fraction of the time (and cost!) they would otherwise invest. Payworks’ Applicant Tracking solution is also integrated with our Payroll and Human Resources applications, providing a seamless user experience (and giving our clients a head start on onboarding and payroll setup).

To learn more, email sales@payworks.ca and start thinking about how you’ll make use of your newfound time!

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