Coordinating calendars for your hiring process just got easier



We’re streamlining businesses’ recruitment efforts with new integrations to Applicant Tracking Pro.

We know coordinating multiple team members’ calendars can be tricky at times, and we’ve made it possible to juggle all of those schedules in one unified space. Applicant Tracking’s Calendar allows admins to create and schedule events with visibility into the calendar software you already rely upon.

Coordinating your company’s hiring teams for events, from job interviews to career fairs, just got easier thanks to integrations between Applicant Tracking Pro and and Google calendars. There’s no longer a need to manually add those events to other calendars. Instead, key team members’ availability can now be displayed within Applicant Tracking’s Calendar, and events created in Applicant Tracking Pro will appear in and Google calendars, providing a seamless interview scheduling experience.

“This integration makes it better for everyone involved in the hiring process,” said Payworks Product Manager Steve Bestvater. “Once you’re booking events for two or three people, the calendar integration means you don’t get those back and forth emails confirming the team’s schedules. Whoever is booking the event can see it right in the calendar within Applicant Tracking.”

This functionality also creates efficiencies for those who operate remotely, by reducing the need for email or telephone communications between Human Resources departments and managers across the organization. It’s also easy to keep everyone in the loop by sharing important details with event attendees directly through Applicant Tracking Calendar invites. Specific calendar details within the existing scheduled events in Google or respect the privacy setting for each event, so if something is marked private in or Google calendar it will show that time slot as “busy” (but without providing any more details than necessary).

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