New enhancements to Applicant Tracking Pro: workflows and configurable offer letters



Users of Applicant Tracking Pro will enjoy a few extra minutes in their workday thanks to a couple of simple enhancements with big impact.

The first one is a New Applicant Workflow, which allows you to send an email or application form, or to create a task when someone applies for a job you posted through Applicant Tracking. You’ll save lots of time by eliminating the need to respond to every single applicant to let them know their application has been received.

The next enhancement we’re happy to share is Configurable Offer Letters. This allows you to create multiple offer letters so you can send different pre-configured letters based on the job or position you have available. This lets you tailor your communications without having to rewrite a new letter each time you make an offer to a potential new hire.

This time-saving functionality includes many configurable fields for you to use when drafting your letter templates for commonly-used information, including Job Title, Annual Salary or Hourly Rate, Start Date, and more. Applicant Tracking lets you create as many Offer Letter templates as you need, therefore allowing you to assign them to different workflows, and include multiple signatures and approvals as necessary. There’s no limit to how efficient this tool can be for you!

Seeing is believing!

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