Partner Story: How we’ve helped Elevate HR Solutions grow 50% year over year



Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Gina Roberts always knew that she wanted to go into business for herself. Fast forward to 2024, and Gina’s spent the last decade as President & CEO of Elevate HR Solutions, “a boutique Human Resources firm servicing start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses across Canada and the USA.”

As Gina says, “What makes Elevate HR Solutions unique is our ability to immerse ourselves within our clients’ businesses, and become an extension of them. We team up with them as if we’re there to support them as our only client.”

Clearly, it’s working: Gina shares that “Elevate has been in growth mode. We’ve grown 50% year over year.”

What’s their recipe for success?

Ultimately, it comes down to the trust and integrity upon which she’s built her business… and the partners and vendors she relies upon to keep that trust intact. “Our partners and vendors must be extremely reliable, and Payworks has really provided that to us. They’ve never faltered in all the years we’ve used them,” Gina says.

“Every single component of Payworks has been an integral part of what we do at Elevate HR Solutions to support our clients,” she continues. “I recommend Payworks as an HR and payroll solution to all our clients.”

Topping her list of wins: the cost-benefit of using Payworks’ solutions and their reliability and ease of use; the supportive relationships with – and expert guidance received from – her dedicated Sales, Implementation and Service specialists; and a whole bunch of specific features that make her and her clients’ work lives more efficient and less chaotic.

But you don’t have to take it from us – Gina’s here to tell you all about it in her own words! To find out why Payworks’ Payroll, HR, Applicant Tracking, Absence Management and Workforce Analytics solutions are Elevate HR Solutions’ go-to recommendations for their clients of all sizes (and get a sense of how they can help your own processes run a whole lot smoother), check out the Elevate HR Solutions Partner Story video linked below:

We’re proud to say it: we’ve got the very best clients! And we love to share their stories. If you’re a Payworks client who’d love to tell us yours, please reach out to your dedicated CSR.

Seeing is believing!

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