Nunavut Day – stat holiday legislation explained



Every year on July 9, Nunavummiut folks in Nunavut celebrate the “birthday” of their unique territory, which was established in 1999. While the holiday previously applied solely to government employees, it became applicable to employees in territorially-regulated industries as of 2020.

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What is Nunavut Day?

Within the territory, Nunavut Day is one of the 10 general holidays and one of 13 public service holidays for government employees. Employees who meet the conditions prescribed in the Labour Standards Act are eligible for a day off with pay.

Let’s take a closer look at the legislation surrounding Nunavut Day:

To whom doesn’t this paid holiday apply?

Canadian employers need to know that Nunavut Day is designated as a statutory or paid holiday exclusively in the territory of Nunavut. It’s not a recognized statutory holiday for federally regulated employees and workplaces, unless specified in their collective agreement.

To whom does this paid holiday apply?

As mentioned, Nunavut Day is one of the 10 general holidays in the territory, and as such is generally observed by territorial government employees and workplaces, municipal government offices, many federal government institutions located in Nunavut, and various businesses. Eligible employees who don’t work on this day are entitled to a regular day’s pay. If they work on the general holiday, they’re entitled to either another day off with pay or a normal day’s pay plus 1.5 times the regular rate of pay for hours worked on the general holiday. For more on eligibility and exceptions, visit the Nunavut Labour Standards Compliance Office.

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