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We get it – if you’re helping to run the show at a not-for-profit organization, you’re likely getting pulled in a hundred directions at once. After all, you want your team’s boots on the ground! However, that means that a lot of administrative “must-do”s fall to… yep, you.

First of all, we want to thank you for your passion and commitment to making our communities happier, healthier and stronger! Secondly, we want to help make life a little bit easier for you (just like you do for those around you).

Whether you’re starting to think about gearing up for a busy season, or are “go go go” 365 days a year, let’s talk about how outsourcing some of your workforce management tasks to a trusted partner like Payworks can help you spend more time focusing on what means the most to you.

1. Affordability without sacrificing compliance or functionality – it’s possible with Payworks.

Let’s cut right to it: payroll and HR can be complex and you know you’d benefit from some expert support, but your budget is tight. With Payworks, our one-to-one service model and comprehensive suite of payroll and HR solutions are designed to make it easy to stay compliant in managing your team… and are available at pricing that shouldn’t feel like a squeeze.

Plus, you’re only ever paying for active employees – meaning that, if you rehire seasonal staff year after year, you can leave their information in the Payworks system all year long without being charged for them during their inactive periods.

“We didn’t need nearly as many tools as some of the other companies said were part of the minimum package. Being able to select only the functionality we needed with Payworks made what was likely already a cost-effective solution even more economical for us. The difference was quite stark, to the point of thinking ‘why wouldn’t I do this?’”

Regina Public Interest Research Group (RPIRG)

Regina, SK

PS: Want to hear more from RPIRG? Check out their full Customer Story here to find out how Payworks makes it easier for staff to submit their hours and for their Executive Director to know with confidence that RPIRG’s payroll reporting is clear, compliant and completed on time.

2. Convenience and time-savings: all of Payworks’ workforce management tools share the same secure database.

As established, both your and your crew’s plates are already ultra-full. Importing and rekeying data shouldn’t be part of that load!

By leveraging Payworks as a one-stop shop for Payroll, Time Management, Absence Management and your other HR needs, you and your team will save yourselves time and stress (along with inevitable human error) by eliminating the need to rekey information between applications. And for your team, Employee Self Service (ESS) allows them secure, 24/7 mobile access to their pay stubs, schedule, time off requests, organizational policies and more. This makes for both a happier team and fewer questions coming your way on any given day - whew!

An art classroom. One individual is finishing a painting of a vase with a sunflower in it. They are sitting down in front of the canvas holding a palette and a paintbrush.

“I love Payworks. Just a reminder that you all rock. The program is super user friendly, and all the updates just make it better, faster, and easier. Thank you.”

General Council of Winnipeg Community Centres

Winnipeg, MB

3. Managing schedules and absences can be simple (yes, seriously).

Whether full-time or part-time, your team is likely juggling some combination of school, other jobs, or life in general. This means their availability can change quickly and often… and you need a tool that can keep up!

As mentioned above, ESS empowers staff to update their general availability and upcoming absences (whether a planned vacation or unexpected illness). From there, the scheduler within Payworks’ Time Management solution allows for simple, two-way communication between employees submitting these updates and you setting (and locking in) the schedule that’ll ensure the right coverage by the right people at the right time.

Find out for yourself why our clients have described our scheduler as “so much easier than the paper process I was using before” and offering “very nice, user-friendly options” that make it “a breeze to keep everyone on track.”

"Payworks’ position as a Manitoba company that believes in giving back to its community was an important factor in the decision to move to Payworks.

Utilizing the Absence Management system has allowed Manitoba Opera to better track vacation, sick, and overtime, and the link between Payroll and Absence Management maintains the accuracy in the manner that time off is recorded.

The customer service we’ve received has also been excellent. Emails and calls are responded to in a timely manner. Our dedicated service representative has been very helpful in answering questions and helping with solutions, and if she’s away, there’s always someone else who follows up."

Manitoba Opera

Winnipeg, MB

4. We’ll give you a heads up on licensing and certification renewals as far ahead of time as you’d like.

Many members of your team may be professionally-accredited to deliver the best care to your community members. But all of the corresponding certificates and licenses have their own timelines and requirements for renewal… and accidentally letting them expire can expose your organization to serious liability.

Within Payworks’ Human Resources application, we can flag these upcoming dates for you within a customizable “warning window,” with notifications delivered as far in advance as you’d like. Plus, these notifications can be set to be delivered to whoever would benefit from the reminder (so it’s not all on you!).

An individual taking notes while talking with another individual sitting on a floor with a mattress on it.

“Engaging Payworks was a major step for our agency. The support, direction and prompt response made the adjustment very smooth. The ongoing support from Payworks has been stellar. If you are considering moving to a payroll system or changing your current system, I would highly recommend you check out Payworks. We did and haven't been disappointed.”

Neepawa Settlement Services

Neepawa, MB

5. “Doing right by people” is our purpose too.

At Payworks, we live our purpose of “doing right by” our clients, colleagues, and communities every day – whether it’s volunteering our time and talent, giving back to community organizations just like yours, taking care of our people in the ways that matter most, or serving our clients as a trusted partner.

With us, you can feel confident that you’re aligned with like-minded people based in communities all across Canada, each of who understands how much stronger we can be when we work together.

A line of six children with one at the forefront. Each are holding a sport ball such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball.

“I want to send a note of gratitude for the excellent service received from the Sales Consultant and Implementation Specialist we worked with when switching to Payworks! They were both extremely professional, approachable and service motivated. We left our past payroll service provider because of poor communication and service. We're a small organization but service is perhaps even more impactful.

I will be sure to continue promoting your services because I was supported and your products are user friendly and offer more time to focus on other priorities.”

High River Health Care Foundation

High River, AB

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Seeing is believing!

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