Let’s get digital



Whether your organization is leveraging remote work opportunities or has all staff on-site, paperless payroll options are the right fit for the modern workforce.

Forgo paper cheques for direct deposit

At its essence, direct deposit is convenient for employees and cost-effective for employers. You’re not only saving the added expenses of printing paper cheques and postage; you’re also eliminating the added wait time for employees to receive their wages.

Direct deposit also helps employers safeguard their payroll. It significantly reduces the risk of employee cheques being stolen, lost, or delivered incorrectly by depositing earnings into a pre-authorized, secure and trusted bank account.

Paperless payroll is also good for the environment! One employee can average 96 pieces of paper annually just from getting paid, not factoring in the kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions required for transport. Direct deposit reduces the volume of paper forms, envelopes, printing ink/toner, shipping and handling, air transportation, and ground delivery, along with the overall energy consumption impact your business has on the environment.

Say goodbye to one-off requests and hello to convenience with cloud access

Providing your workforce with a secure way to digitally access their payroll info will greatly improve your organization’s processes.

Admins can process payroll and year-end tax forms from start to finish from their computer, meaning pay statements and T4s can be distributed to your workforce as soon as they’re electronically authorized. Admins can also access and view payroll reports with the ease of clicking a button. Paperless payroll eliminates the disorganization of filing cabinets, or waiting for pay stubs or tax forms to be printed, shipped and distributed.

Digital access provides the added convenience of both current and past electronic pay statements and tax forms being available to your workforce 24/7. Admins can say goodbye to one-off requests throughout the year! The electronic formats are identical to the typically-received paper copies, and if printed copies are ever required, Payworks Employee Self Services (ESS) provides employees with that ability at any time.

It’s time to get digital with Payworks’ feature-rich payroll today: https://www.payworks.ca/online-payroll-services.asp

Seeing is believing!

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