In case you missed it: Product enhancements we’ve made to set you up for the best year yet



There’s only one way to stay on top of the ever-changing best practices of workforce management: to evolve right along with it! As we’ve grown from serving the needs of one client to several thousands, we’ve learned to embrace (and maybe even enjoy?) change. Through commitment to innovation and listening to what our clients want, we continue to help them meet business objectives like retention, growth and employee engagement.

This past year was no exception, and we’ve put together a handy roundup of the most notable product enhancements we made this year, including crucial updates designed to assist in navigating legislative changes impacting Canadian employers.

Ready to find new efficiencies and discover tools that will help set you up for your best year yet? Let’s jump right in!

Staying on top of legislative changes

Between new electronic filing requirements, CPP and QPP legislation changes effective as of this January, and the introduction of the Dental Care Measures Act, there was a lot for payroll professionals and Canadian employers to consider from a legislative perspective over the last few months!

The Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) – the program resulting from the Dental Care Measures Act – was of particular importance and interest to our clients. We wrote an article breaking it down for you, but here’s the gist: the CDCP is all about making dental care accessible to all Canadians, and we’re all about making sure that you have the right tools to support this.

We’ve added a number of new enhancements to our Payroll solution to simplify the new CDCP reporting requirements, including a new field for the employees’ CDCP indicator code, helpful checklists and reminders, and templates to cut down on the need for manual data entry.

Journal entry integrations

Speaking of manual data entry (and the time, pain, and risk of human error that comes with it)… this past year, we were thrilled to introduce new journal data integrations with Intuit QuickBooks Online and Xero that eliminate the need to re-key journal entry data.

These new integrations link a business’ accounting information between the two platforms, allowing administrators to send their journal entry from Payworks into these third party solutions with just one click!

On top of saving you time by streamlining what can otherwise be a VERY manual process (see ya later, spreadsheets!), this also helps simplify complex costing by supporting Location and Class mapping to Department Names, Department Numbers, or Cost Centres.

And you can feel confident in the protection and accuracy of your financial records knowing your journal entry data is moved instantly – and securely – through an encrypted connection.

Intuit Quickbooks logo.

HR administrators – this one’s for you! Configurable checklist templates and tasks

Make onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between a breeze with configurable checklist templates and tasks for yourself AND your employees!

They say it takes a village to support the employee lifecycle (ok, maybe they don’t, but the sentiment still stands), and that’s why standardized and connected processes are critical to ensuring everyone knows the role they play in the many associated administrative activities.

That’s exactly what our HR checklist enhancements aim to do. HR leaders can create reusable checklist templates for established processes and easily assign tasks to the appropriate admins and employees across their organization. As assigned tasks are completed, folks in charge have better visibility into how the project or process is progressing.

These enhancements help streamline processes as part of the employee lifecycle, improve consistency in the employee experience, and ensure important tasks are never missed!

Checklist Management screen in the Payworks' application.

Time Management updates you’ll love

We’ve released a number of enhancements to Time Management this year, but let’s focus on our improvements to streamline scheduling for both admins and employees.

More control over how you use and view schedules

Admins and those managing their teams’ schedule would have noticed several exciting updates to our scheduler throughout the year to make building, maintaining, and viewing a schedule more flexible. These enhancements include the addition of daily, monthly and custom date range views, as well as the option to hide unscheduled employees from view for an easy and accurate snapshot of who’s scheduled to work.

We’ve streamlined our scheduler experience by giving admins more control over what they see as they make schedule management decisions. From archiving schedules that are not currently in use, to pinning open shifts in your schedule to make shift assignments more efficient, we’ve made it easier for admins to see the information that’s most relevant for them while managing the schedule for their team.

Closing the loop on shift coverage

Available shifts within the Payworks' application.
Trying to create schedules to meet the business’ needs while taking everyone’s availability into account is hard enough… but trying to coordinate shift coverage when changes arise can be a communication nightmare! Thankfully, we’ve created a better way to manage shift changes that doesn’t involve the employee group chat:

1. Employer-initiated requests to cover open shifts

When an admin has an open shift to fill, they can simplify the process by posting for employees to request to work. Admins can manage all requests on one screen, and can choose to review or auto-approve them based on configurable eligibility attributes.


2. Employee-initiated requests for shift coverage

Employees that can no longer work their scheduled shift now have the autonomy to find their own coverage by making it available for other employees to request, while leaving the approval in the hands of the schedule administrator.

Notifications are available to both admins and employees when shifts become available and requests are submitted. Schedules are updated in real time as requests to cover open shifts are approved, closing the loop on communication for employees and admins!

Managed Payroll Services – Offload payroll by outsourcing to our team of experts

We recently shared an update introducing our brand new Managed Payroll Services. This new offering lets you say goodbye to the tasks of payroll administration as we take the reins, freeing you to focus on what you need to – growing your business!

Our team of Canadian payroll experts handles everything from importing and balancing your payroll hours to managing your year-end adjustments and completing and submitting Record of Employment (ROE) forms on your behalf. We’ll ensure your payroll runs smoothly so all you have to do is review any changes and hit “approve.”

With Managed Payroll Services, we become your payroll specialist without adding any headcount to your team!

Two individuals in a meeting room looking down at a laptop computer.

Payworks selected as Deluxe Canada’s exclusive payroll conversion and referral partner

As Deluxe Canada prepares to sunset its Payroll division in 2024, we’re thrilled to have been selected as their exclusive payroll conversion and referral partner.

In collaboration with Deluxe’s payroll division, we’ve built an exclusive conversion process that provides a touchless transition for Deluxe customers making the switch to Payworks. We’ve also created a dedicated Deluxe conversion team, along with a one-year price-match guarantee, to ensure a seamless experience for our new clients.

Deluxe Canada logo.

New updates, same commitment to our clients

This past year has been filled with exciting new partnerships and product updates designed to enhance our clients’ experience.

Our commitment remains the same: to provide expert-level support and easy-to-use solutions that make managing and paying your people a streamlined and headache-free process for Canadian businesses – whether you have one employee or thousands.

Navigating through the myriad of industry updates, legislative changes, and payroll innovations can be overwhelming. Start the conversation today with one of our experts so we can get to know you and learn more about how our people and products support your business needs. Sign up for a chat today:

Seeing is believing!

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