We’ve got exciting news! Introducing… Managed Payroll Services



That’s right! You heard it here first. We’re thrilled to introduce a game-changer that will redefine the way you handle payroll – our brand new Managed Payroll Services.

In the ever-evolving landscape of business operations, we understand that, as important as payroll is in successfully operating your business, it may not be your passion (and that’s ok!).

With Managed Payroll Services, you can finally let it go and offload the many complexities of payroll administration by outsourcing to our team of experts. As Canadian payroll professionals, we’ve built this offering to support a hands-off experience so you can reconnect with what truly drives you, both inside and outside of work!

Meet your new payroll team!

You’re probably thinking, “How’s this even possible?” We encourage you to dream big because with Managed Payroll Services, we become your payroll specialist without adding headcount to your team. From importing and balancing your payroll hours to monitoring and reviewing your year-end adjustments, completing and submitting ROEs on your behalf, and more, we’ll ensure your payroll runs smoothly so all you have to do is review any changes and hit “Approve.” We’ll partner with you to build a system that fits your specific business needs, taking the pressure off you and your team. With consistent and dedicated support, you can now feel confident that every pay period is up to par!

Compliance can be a piece of cake

Staying compliant with the latest federal and provincial legislative changes can be a challenge when you’re managing payroll solo! With Payworks’ Managed Payroll Services, we keep you on the right side of compliance so your payroll processes are up to date and adhering to the latest regulations. We’ll coordinate applicable remittances to government agencies and provide you with legislative guidance while sharing industry best practices.

Your new dedicated payroll specialist understands the time commitment of becoming a compliance subject matter expert and properly applying it to payroll. Feel the relief as we stand by your side, supporting smooth management of your payroll processes and giving you back some precious time in your day.

Oh, Canada! We love paying you accurately and on time

Are you a US-based employer with Canadian operations who’s officially spending too much time understanding the complexities of Canadian payroll? Processing payroll within a different country can have significant hurdles, especially if your business isn’t located in Canada and you aren’t familiar with the applicable payroll legislation within each Canadian province and territory. On top of that, the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenue Quebec (RQ) have unique requirements to which local businesses must adhere (year-end, remitter types, etc.).

With Managed Payroll Services, you’ll be assigned your very own team of NPI-trained professionals who’ll ensure your payroll is onside with all Canadian payroll requirements, from British Columbia to Newfoundland and Labrador. Your new payroll expert is equipped with the subject matter expertise to accommodate the provincial nuances that help keep your business compliant, regardless of where you or your employees operate. If you feel like your payroll duties are keeping you from reconnecting with your business’ purpose, Managed Payroll Services can be your trusted payroll companion on the journey to business success - we really know our loonies and toonies!

With Payworks’ Managed Payroll Services, you can say goodbye to feeling bogged down by administrative burdens. Start the conversation today so we can get to know you and learn more about your specific business needs. To learn more, sign up for a chat with one of our experts: https://www.payworks.ca/landing-pages/campaigns/book-a-demo.

Seeing is believing!

Curious what better Canadian workforce management looks like in action (and how much time you could reclaim in your day-to-day)? Book a pressure-free, get-to-know you demo today.