Happy International Day of Charity


September 5 is recognized as the International Day of Charity, declared so by the United Nations General Assembly in 2012. It's a day to raise awareness and recognize charity-related activities and how they impact our communities on a local, national, regional and international level.

Payworks philosophy is to Pay it Forward - to participate in meaningful ways in the communities where we live, work and raise our families. We believe that the richness and health of our community greatly enhances the quality of life for everyone. Every year our employees Pay it Forward and the number of organizations they've chosen to give their time, talent or money to is amazing. We thank each one of our employees for supporting one another, causes closest to their hearts, and the overall community as a whole.

Watch the below video to see just a few ways our staff have been making a difference.

PAY IT FORWARD_HR_04_12_2019_v004

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