Why now's the time to go paperless for year-end



Originally published December 3, 2020

Let’s take one item off your plate this year-end! Using the Payworks application, administrators can elect to distribute their employee’s tax forms electronically instead of providing printed copies. Going paperless is more efficient and secure, especially for hybrid workforces or those with employees operating remotely.

One of the key ways Payworks creates a smoother year-end experience for clients is by reducing the paper burden. By eliminating the transportation of year-end packages, we offer our clients an eco-friendly option that is efficient, convenient, cost-effective, and secure. That means clients receive payroll reports, employee pay statements, and all tax forms in an electronic format which is identical to the typically-received paper copy. If printed copies are ever required, Payworks Employee Self Service (ESS) provides employees with that ability at any time throughout the year.

Efficiency means proficiency

For administrators, electing for a paperless year-end is going to greatly improve your processes. Going paperless means your employees receive their tax forms at the click of a button - no need to send hard copies or store paper archives.

Electronic T4s can be processed from start to finish by administrators from any web-enabled device, and can be distributed to your workforce as soon as they’re authorized, wherever their workspace may be.

Best of all, there’s no disorganization or waiting for employee tax forms to be printed, shipped and distributed, and all archives can be safely stored on your network/server in accordance with your organization’s policies and guidelines.

How is it more secure?

Significantly reduce the risk of tax form information being stolen, lost, or delivered incorrectly by eliminating the need to receive and store physical copies. All employee T4s can be printed on-site by account administrators for those who require a printed copy. Also, many of our clients have their staff access their own forms through Payworks ESS which enables them with that capability all throughout the year, not just during year-end. Plus, electronic copies of all tax forms and year-end reports are available through the Payworks application should you ever need to access them.

Payworks has a state-of-the-art network, server, and application to ensure your company and employee information remains safe. Access your organization’s seven-year archive via an encrypted password, making your files even more secure.

Save the trees

A paperless year-end system means reducing the number of paper forms, envelopes, printing ink/toner, shipping and handling, air transportation, ground delivery, and overall energy consumption impact your business has on the environment. Did you know that a single person uses an average of 96 pieces of paper every year just by getting paid? Switching to electronic tax forms for year-end (and/or paperless payroll!) means minimizing the effects your organization has on the planet.

Plus, it’s round the clock

By receiving electronic T4s, your employees will have secure access to their tax forms and pay statements from any web-enabled device 24/7, 365 days of the year. Say goodbye to one-off requests throughout the year!

Seeing is believing!

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