How to successfully work from home

Vanessa Nelson

Vanessa Nelson

Vanessa was a member of Payworks’ Human Resources team from 2019-2022. With a holistic and human-centered approach to HR, she added support and value to each employee’s unique experience. Vanessa a été membre de l’équipe des ressources humaines de Payworks de 2019 à 2022. En adoptant une approche globale centrée sur l’humain pour les RH, Vanessa cherchait à soutenir les employés et valoriser leurs expériences uniques.

While working from home isn’t out of the ordinary for some, never before have there been so many remote workers across Canada. With the spread of COVID-19 and the social distancing measures that have been put in place, several organizations have implemented “work from home” arrangements for the vast majority of their workforce in short order. This can leave employees feeling like they’re being left to their own devices as they navigate how they’re going to continue working successfully from home in today’s “new normal.”

So what is the recipe to success? We’re encouraging our staff to create a routine, get away from their desks on a regular basis, keep in touch with one another, and embrace their new virtual work life for the time being. Here are five tips we’re happy to share:

Rise, routine, repeat

Whether we realize it or not, getting ready to go to work each day is how we mentally prepare ourselves for the day. At home, going from pillow to computer screen can actually be quite jarring. Use your former commute time to clean the house, go for a walk, or squeeze in a workout. You’ll have a much more productive day because of it.

You can also create mini-routines within your workday that are designed to enhance your productivity – did you know that doing your laundry could be a built-in timer? Use the wash or dryer cycle to start and finish something from your to-do list. Making a commitment to complete a task by a specific deadline will help you learn to work smarter.

Pump the breaks

At home, it can be easy to avoid breaks altogether, but they’re essential for you to recharge throughout the day. Get away from your desk, go for a walk outside, make a healthy snack, re-centre with some yoga, or have an afternoon dance party.

Know when you’ve crossed the finish line

Working from home can feel like being in a casino – it’s easy to lose track of time and let your work life bleed into your personal life. Maintaining boundaries is important for both halves of the equation. It’s important to pick a definitive finishing time each day and shut down for the evening.

Stay connected - Remember that you’re working from home, not the moon

Interacting with other people during the day is not only allowed, it’s encouraged. Take the time to check in with your coworkers and encourage them to do the same. Find a remote working buddy and touch-base regularly. Doing this will ensure that while you may be socially distancing, you remain connected. Even if you’re reaching out to discuss something that’s not work specific, it’s a good idea to “see” another face during the day, especially when most of your workday is solitary. Video conferencing, phone calls and emails are all great ways to stay in touch.

Embrace the change

Together, we can all find ways to make the most out of our virtual work experiences. And know you can reach out when you’re feeling overwhelmed or isolated – to your people leader, HR department, friend or family members. We’re all doing our very best to continue to work productively and safely from home.

Seeing is believing!

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