WATCH 20 Years of Giving: Payworks’ leaders on paying it forward



As Payworks’ 20th anniversary donation announcements begin drawing to a close, we’ve been reflecting on what the past two decades of giving have meant to our team and our communities.

We tapped Payworks Co-Founder Barb Gamey and President & CEO JP Perron to share their insights on Payworks’ culture of caring – how it’s evolved, why it’s such a core component of our business, and how it will continue to manifest in the future.

We invite you to grab a tea or coffee, get cozy and check out the videos below.

And please stay tuned for a few more 20th anniversary donation announcements in the weeks to come!

How has Payworks established a workplace culture of giving?

Why do you feel so passionately that Payworks should be investing in the community and paying our success forward?

How did you select the recipients of Payworks’ 20th anniversary donations?

How have you witnessed first-hand the impact of Payworks’ support for the community?

How will Payworks find new ways to pay our success forward as we continue to grow?

Seeing is believing!

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