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In 2000, woman entrepreneur Barb Gamey founded Payworks in the prairies. We grew out of the heart of Canada and have been proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated ever since. With offices across this great country, we understand what it takes to get into business and find, onboard and pay employees right here at home.

It’s time to meet your local payroll support team – we really know our loonies and toonies, eh?

Visit our Canadian Owned and Operated webpage (by visiting https://bit.ly/3FuX8Tm) to sign up for a 15-minute virtual chat with one of our very own Canucks! While you’re telling us about your business from the comfort of your chesterfield, we’ll send you a Timmies e-gift card as a thanks.

"Cheers to all the Canadian we help pay annually".

We’re supporting companies, big and small, in all things payroll to HR in communities from the Rocky Mountains to the Bay of Fundy. For real, give’r a try!

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Seeing is believing!

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