Customer Story: How Canadian Tire S187 has found scalable support and peace of mind with Payworks



As one of over 500 Canadian Tire locations across Canada, S187 Whitby South serves the almost 140,000 residents of Whitby, ON. Canadian Tire has been a coast-to-coast household name for 100 years, proudly offering products aimed at Making Life in Canada Better.

When Associate Dealer Kim Melanson moved to Ontario in October 2021 to assume responsibility for S187, she inherited a thriving team of 100+ employees - over double the size of the teams at her two previous Canadian Tire locations.

In the past, Kim and her administrative group had relied upon in-house payroll software to manage payroll - a process that Kim recalls with a laugh as being “excruciatingly manual.” As she says, “Because the software was a standalone solution, the capability started and ended with what you put into and took out of it. There was no remittance capability in terms of taxes or worker’s compensation. There was no integration in terms of dispersing paycheques or paystubs. You’re uploading and transferring all sorts of files to all sorts of different places, for everything from bank transfers to journal entries.”

After only a couple months of working with double the staff (and therefore managing double the administrative headaches), Kim knew that S187’s current payroll processes weren’t scalable or sustainable. They needed a simple, integrated solution with well-trained support available as backup… and they found exactly that in Payworks.

“The single most important thing that we do as business owners is pay our people and our taxes,” says Kim. “As Associate Dealers, our business acumen is strong and we know how to operate a store and lead people, but we may not be as savvy with payroll processes and tax remittance. The investment in Payworks is beyond worth it to free yourself from the administrative mud. I just wish I’d started using Payworks sooner.”

To find out how Canadian Tire S187 has found scalable support and peace of mind with Payworks, please visit our website here: Canadian Tire Customer Story

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