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Evaluate your organization’s performance at a glance, thanks to Payworks ’ innovative Analytics solution.

Payworks Workforce Analytics enables our clients to find answers to complex questions and discover trends and anomalies by combining consolidated information across all of their modules, whether that be in their Payroll, Human Resources, Employee Time or Absence Management solutions. Those using Payworks Analytics can either choose to work within pre-built dashboards, or they can create their own to meet their organization’s needs. Either way, users can further mine their data by utilizing filters to manipulate the information and obtain and export the required reports they need. With Payworks Analytics, you can turn workforce data into business intelligence.

What kind of reports can I generate with Analytics?

The possibilities are endless! Payworks Analytics has powerful information views, with the capability to view your company’s data across multiple years. You can compare this year’s data with last year’s for the same period by setting filters.

Want to know who was paid bonuses during 2017? The amount of each bonus, in which pay period, and how that compares to bonuses the same employees were paid in 2016? Payworks Analytics can answer that. Your employee is requesting a report showing their earnings for the past two years - Payworks Analytics can provide that answer in 30 seconds. How much did the company spend on benefits in 2017 compared to the year previous? Payworks Analytics can answer that, and can also tell you which department had the highest cost and what the most costly benefit type was for the year, too.

Note: the more Payworks modules you have, the more reports you can generate.

How long will it take me to learn this new tool?

Not very long. Payworks Analytics is easy to use. The solution comes with pre-built reports and graphs so you can immediately start using the tool’s functionality. To obtain more specific data, you can simply apply filters on those reports and graphs, and you can keep them handy for your next login by setting bookmarks for your favourite filters. That keeps them applied to your reports, meaning gathering accurate and timely reports will be even quicker the more you use the tool.

Where does the data come from?

The Analytics solution is integrated with the other Payworks modules, meaning the reports generated contain the information from either your Payroll, Human Resources, or Employee Time and Absence Management solutions - or all of the above.

Analytics combines consolidated information across all of the modules your organization uses, with control user access and permissions to information within the reports using your existing Payworks security parameters.

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