Bookkeepers – here’s how we’ve got your back!



If “book balancing” is kind of your thing, we certainly don’t need to tell you that technology has changed the way you’ve done your job over the last decade. What we can tell you is that there’s a way for this innovation to bring even more value to your business – updating your books in only a few steps and getting information to your clients quickly through online applications with mobile access.

With Payworks, Canadian bookkeeping professionals don’t have to struggle with balancing paperwork, sticky notes and emails in order to meet client deadlines for payroll, time management and reporting. Our workforce management solutions make it easier to simplify and streamline administrative tasks (which we know can quickly become overwhelming) so that bookkeepers can continue to serve their clients efficiently and effectively.

Want to learn more? Here are some of the most frequently-fielded bookkeeper questions, and how we can help:

What do you offer specifically to Canadian bookkeepers?

By partnering with Payworks, we recognize you’re placing a great deal of trust in us. We don’t take that responsibility lightly. In addition to great products and support, we’ll supply you with dedicated resources like partner materials and personalized, one-on-one walkthroughs. We also offer a transparent and predictable pricing model (with preferred rates) without any upgrade or license costs.

I have multiple clients with varying workforce management needs. Are your solutions flexible for each of them?

Yes! We understand that each Canadian business is unique and can differ in everything from employee counts to reporting requirements and more. All of our solutions are scalable for each one of your clients, so choosing Payworks means choosing workforce management solutions that will empower and help them (and you!) be successful both today and tomorrow.

How do you aid in compliance?

We understand that late payments can directly impact your reputation and your client base - so compliance is critical! That’s why we handle government remittances at no extra charge – they’re not only calculated by our Payroll application, but also submitted to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Revenu Québec (MRQ) on your behalf. Upon request, most provincial and WCB premiums can also be remitted directly by Payworks. We also submit Records of Employment (ROE) to Service Canada.

Our automated stat pay calculator, vacation pay elements and benefit enrollment can be leveraged to maximize efficiency while maintaining accuracy. Plus, you can access our breadth of consolidated legislative resources, and feel confident knowing you can reach out to your dedicated, NPI-trained Client Service Representative (CSR) at any time for support – they’re just a click or call away!

With multiple clients, do I still receive dedicated support?

Absolutely! We’re proud to deliver a personal and consistent customer service experience to each one of our customers. We also understand the distinctive needs of bookkeepers, which is why primary account administrators are assigned the same dedicated, PCP-trained CSR for their client accounts. They’re there for you, and know you by name.

What does year-end look like?

It’s different, but in a good way! Year-round, our application features a convenient Warnings widget so you can stay on top of administrative tasks before you have to “put out fires.” We offer a complete year-end package with an interactive checklist to keep you on track and compliant in meeting year-end processing deadlines. There are simplified year-to-date adjustments with tax form previews and instant reports (no processing runs required!), and seven years of archiving is included. Are we speaking your language? Remember, we electronically submit tax form information to CRA/MRQ on your clients’ behalf!

What are the levels of reporting?

We have a comprehensive library of standard reports. You can also try the user-friendly custom reports builder for ad hoc reporting, and Workforce Analytics to evaluate organizational performance at a glance. We’ve got you covered!

All reporting is electronically available and accessible anytime – from recent data to historical reports, and those year-end reports, too! Say goodbye to the hassle (and cost) of having to courier a huge package of paper files to each client, and welcome the additional peace of mind knowing that info is being delivered securely.

Mapping out payroll costs in our system makes for an easier data transfer into accounting systems, and for larger journal entries, our custom Excel exports work seamlessly in saving time and eliminating the potential for input errors. If custom journal entries are of interest, make sure you speak to your Sales Representative for more info!

What are your implementation processes and what can I expect?

Right from the start, our experts work alongside you to identify your unique needs. Our onboarding is quick and consistent, and our dedicated team will make sure everything is set up and runs smoothly. We offer unmatched client support and an affordable Canadian payroll platform with all the bells and whistles. You can enjoy bilingual and convenient support from people who truly understand what it takes to be a successful Canadian employer.

There’s also no need to fret if your business continues to grow… our platform is super intuitive and easy to use – so much so that bookkeepers have set up new clients on our system themselves. While you might not need to tap us at all, we’re always happy to answer the call! As your book of business grows, our team will be right there alongside you to assist with onboarding.


Making the switch is easy. By onboarding more than 4,000 clients each year, we’ve really fine-tuned the process. You’ll wonder why you didn’t switch sooner… reach out to to learn more.

Seeing is believing!

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