Top 10 reasons to consider Analytics

Myles Halliday

Myles Halliday

Former Vice President of Product Management, | Payworks (Retired)

Myles spent over 35 years immersed in product architecture and information technology roles, including in his 2016-2023 tenure at Payworks as Vice President of Product Management. We wish him the very best in his retirement!
Ancien vice-président, Gestion des produits | Payworks (Retraité)

Miles s’est immergé pendant plus de 35 ans dans des rôles d’architecture du produit et de technologie informatique ; notamment lors de son mandat de Vice-président de la Gestion des produits chez Payworks de 2016 à 2023. Nous lui souhaitons une retraite des plus agréables.

An article written by Payworks expert Myles Halliday, Vice President, Product Management, as featured in Dialogue Magazine.

Don’t allow a simple question to derail your day. Analytics is a must-have tool that allows you to work more efficiently and provide significant value to your organization.

  1. Data-driven Decisions: Provide your executive group or boards with current trend analysis to facilitate informed decision making.
  2. Improve Information Integrity: Analyze data within the analytics tool to eliminate errors caused by exporting and manipulating data in Excel.
  3. Create Reports Quickly: Modify existing reports using visualization to produce new reports rapidly to meet your user’s needs.
  4. Timely Answers: Provide timely and accurate responses to questions posed by management and employees.
  5. Trust Your Data: See data input or configuration errors and reduce external manipulation of data.
  6. Reduce Interruptions: Management and executives can access analytics to find answers and explore the data, reducing interruptions to HR and Payroll teams.
  7. Compare Data: Specify time spans over calendar or fiscal years to compare year over year growth or reductions.
  8. Discover Information: Drill down through the data to get an answer to your question, “Why?”/li>
  9. Improve Value: Strengthen your relationship with management, executives, and employees by using analytics to answer questions, to know your organization and help solve business challenges.
  10. Spot Anomalies: Visually detect differences in comparative data to improve fraud detection and address discrepancies when it matters.
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