Top 10 reasons to consider Analytics

Myles Halliday, B. CompSc. (Hons.) (Co-op)
Myles Halliday, B. CompSc. (Hons.) (Co-op)
Vice President of Product Management, Payworks Myles has spent almost 35 years immersed in product architecture and information technology roles, leveraging this wealth of knowledge to ensure Payworks customers can grow their businesses with us through unmatched solutions finely tuned to meet and anticipate their needs.

An article written by Payworks expert Myles Halliday, Vice President, Product Management, as featured in Dialogue Magazine.

Don’t allow a simple question to derail your day. Analytics is a must-have tool that allows you to work more efficiently and provide significant value to your organization.
  1. Data-driven Decisions: Provide your executive group or boards with current trend analysis to facilitate informed decision making.
  2. Improve Information Integrity: Analyze data within the analytics tool to eliminate errors caused by exporting and manipulating data in Excel. 
  3. Create Reports Quickly: Modify existing reports using visualization to produce new reports rapidly to meet your user’s needs.
  4. Timely Answers: Provide timely and accurate responses to questions posed by management and employees.
  5. Trust Your Data: See data input or configuration errors and reduce external manipulation of data.
  6. Reduce Interruptions: Management and executives can access analytics to find answers and explore the data, reducing interruptions to HR and Payroll teams.
  7. Compare Data: Specify time spans over calendar or fiscal years to compare year over year growth or reductions.
  8. Discover Information: Drill down through the data to get an answer to your question, “Why?”
  9. Improve Value: Strengthen your relationship with management, executives, and employees by using analytics to answer questions, to know your organization and help solve business challenges.
  10. Spot Anomalies: Visually detect differences in comparative data to improve fraud detection and address discrepancies when it matters.
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