Our staff does the heavy lifting



In the payroll industry year-end is a busy time of year - both for our clients and our staff. But that never stops our people from having a little bit of fun. For today's #ThrowbackThursday, we're reminiscing about a three-week employee engagement activity we hosted last year for our staff across the country. Coinciding with our theme of #LetPayworksDoTheHeavyLifting, here's what happened... 

Week 1

We kicked things off with having our staff compete in minute-to-win-it themed games - you might've seen these demonstrated on either Payworks Facebook or Instagram stories! 

  • Flip Tac Toe, taking the classic game of Tick Tac Toe and adding the element of having to successful flip a cup prior to placing it on the playing field. The first person to get a line in any direction was the winner.
  • Balloon Cup, while a simple sounding game that proved difficult to be more difficult. The overall best time won this game, with participants having to successfully navigate a plastic cup through a maze with nothing but the air of an inflated balloon.
  • There was also a #LetPayworksDoTheHeavyLifting themed photo booth. Payworks staff was encouraged to suit up and use various props to strike a pose. Props were right on theme including a heavy lifting champion belt, "2,000lbs" barbells, alongside other workout gear.


Week 2

The theme of week two was all about building strong, unique structures.

The challenge was to build card houses and/or a pyramid using cups. To make it extra tricky, participants had to use shiny, cartoon-covered cards that added an extra component of sensitivity, requiring precision, stealth, and patience. If any of those lacked, fallen cards were left in its place. The real test came when it was time to test the structure by balancing a mini trophy at the top.


The challenge in building a cup pyramid was that participants could only move the cups with the use of an inflated balloon and in no way use their hands.


Week 3

It all came together during the final week. The games from the previous weeks were brought back and mashed into a Relay Race for teams of two to compete in - the overall best time walking away with bragging rights and a stellar prize.

2020-02-06 12.17.58-2

Participants raced to complete a balloon pyramid, a round of Flip Tac Toe, before participating in a bow and arrow challenge. Each participant had to successfully hit a target with a children's bow and arrow set. In order to cross the finish line, team members had to inflate a balloon and race with it in between them, not using their hands and not letting it touch the ground. They also had to perfectly balance a ping-pong ball on a spoon the entire time.

We had 12 teams participate and the competition was steep. To make things a little more interesting, we awarded time off the team's final score if participants wore a costume. 

At the end of the day, Client Service Representatives Ryan Swartzentruber and Carly Naaykens were the overall winners, completing the relay in a time of one minute and 23 seconds. Second place was awarded to Marketing and Communications Specialist Cheryl Waldner and Business Development Specialist Callan Davey who had a time of one minute 43 seconds. Third place was secured by Event Administrator Sara Van Walleghem and Team Lead, Development Brad Van Walleghem who had a time of one minute 48 seconds.

Overall, we deemed this employee engagement activity a complete success! There was participation from more than 45 employees from across Canada. We cannot do year-end without our wonderful staff, and we want to extend a special thank you to everyone for not only their participation in our zany office activities but also for the hard work they contribute all year round. 

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