Celebrating our very own Canadian Blood Services heroes

Pay It Forward


Today, as we celebrate National Blood Donor Week (June 11-17) and World Blood Donor Day (June 14), we wanted to give a special shout-out to the many Payworks staff who literally roll up their sleeves all year long to give back to Canadian Blood Services (CBS).

Twelve Payworks staff in front of a shuttle bus.

Photo: A group of Payworks staff after a donation appointment at Canadian Blood Services in February 2023.

Since July 2018, Payworks has been designated as a Partner for Life by CBS. Our head office staff are given quarterly opportunities to donate to CBS through a series of pre-arranged group appointments. From May 2022 to April 2023, together our staff attended 83 appointments and donated 64 pints of blood. That equals up to 192 lives saved!

“When it comes down to it, donating blood is something simple that takes very little time but helps so many - not only the person who receives the transfusion but their friends and family,” says Payworks Community Events and Engagement Specialist Heather Reid. “Donating through the Partners for Life program is easy! Transportation is provided for us, and I can chat with my colleagues outside of work. The staff and volunteers are also so friendly, and of course there’s snacks.”

Payworks staff donating blood.

Photo: It’s important to stay hydrated and snack before, during, and after donating blood at Canadian Blood Services. They always have lots of tasty treats to choose from!

Payworks also makes an annual monetary donation to CBS based on the number of employees who donate – a contribution of $20 per appointment and an extra $5 for each pint donated. Our most recent donation tallied over $2,000.

“My dad is a huge role model in my life, and he was a regular blood donor who always spoke of the importance of it,” says Payworks Office Administrator Gabrielle Genyk. “He gave over 230 donations and received special awards before he was in his 60s and had to stop donating. I started a little later in life to match what he was able to do, but my next donation will be number 20, so I still have lots of time to make a difference.”

Two Payworks staff in front of a shuttle bus.

Photo: Two Payworks staff ready to board the Canadian Blood Services shuttle before their appointment in July 2022.

We were thrilled to have a representative from CBS join our staff for an info session on April 24. They talked about their donation options, including blood, platelet or plasma donation; organ and tissue donation; Stem Cell Registry; financial donation; and volunteering time. During Payworks’ internal employee conference (called Connect Summit), a CBS rep also had stem cell swab kits on hand that staff could complete on the spot or take home to mail in later. We learned a lot, like more information about the Stem Cell Registry. Did you know that less than 25% of patients find a match within their family, and a match in Canada is only found about 50% of the time?

“The reason I choose to donate is a very simple reason,” explained Payworks Product Support Analyst Matthew Hiller. “There are people in need and it’s very easy to do considering how important it is. I encourage everyone I know that, if they can, do so.”

A Payworks staff donating blood.

Photo: The Partner for Life program at Payworks provides our staff with the opportunity to donate blood, and we’ve had a lot of staff donate for the very first time because of how easy this program makes it!

Thank you to all of our silent superheroes (our staff) who’ve donated and supported our Partners for Life program. For more information or to book an appointment, visit: https://www.blood.ca/en.

A Payworks staff after a blood donation appointment.

Photo: A long-time donor with Canadian Blood Services and Payworks Pay it Forward rock star after a blood donation appointment.

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