That's so nice, Janice



The favourite part of Team Lead, Development Janice Gross' job is the Timbits and doughnuts... 

Seriously though, shes a payroll superstar. September 9-13 is The Canadian Payroll Association's National Payroll Week, which is a time to recognize all of the individuals who work hard to ensure Canadians are paid accurately and on time. Janice is one of those people.

She works behind the scenes alongside our Development Team to ensure our products are optimizing the payroll and workforce management process for more than 20,000 customers across Canada (that's 500,000+ employees). She develops and codes applications, she brainstorms and works alongside the Business and Quality Assurance Analysts, she mentors other developers, and much more! 

Watch the below video with Team Lead, Development Janice Gross: 

Seeing is believing!

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