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Employment standards differ by province, but you can find the valuable information you need readily at your fingertips. Payworks keeps current on legislative updates such as pensionable and vacationable earnings, leaves, CPP and QPIP, insurability, labour standards, and stat holidays (amongst others). We’re your resource for federal and provincial legislative payroll and HR administration updates.

Resources | Aug 19, 2019

Canadian payroll legislation: Workers compensation

It's one of those things you have, but hope to never use.  Workers compensation is a program administered by Canadian provincial and territorial governments. Essentially, it's a type of insurance for employees who either get injured on the job or...
Resources | Aug 12, 2019

Canadian payroll legislation: Special payments

A special payment is remuneration provided to an employee asides from a regularly scheduled payment. Special payments can...
Resources | Aug 09, 2019

Book club with the Director of HR

Though the August long weekend may be over, we can't help but share our excitement for Friday, August 9. That's because...
Resources | Jan 23, 2019

How to make an employee feel welcome on their first day

Think back to your last ‘first day’ at your career. It might have been decades since this was the case, but try to recall...
Resources | Jan 22, 2019

Five Pro Resume Tips: How to position yourself and snag the interview

Imagine the excitement and anxiety of your dream career being posted. You’re energized, enthused, eager and hopeful – this...
Resources | Dec 22, 2018

Workplace wellness for the holidays

Shining lights, bustling streets, excited kids – the holiday season brings out the same feeling in most of us. Stress. When...
Resources | Nov 30, 2018

Year-end tips: ROEs, vacation entitlements, employer benefits

Can an employee’s final pay date be past the final pay period ending date? For Records of Employment (ROEs), the final pay date cannot be past the final pay period ending date. If it is (and the final pay date is in the new pay period), Service...
Resources | Nov 21, 2018

Five tips to ensure you have a smooth year-end

It’s that time of year again and Payworks has the secret sauce to make year-end the least stressful it can possibly be....
Resources | Jul 06, 2018

Top 5 reasons why privacy management is good business

Privacy management can be an intimidating and complex field for businesses. In the current climate of privacy management and...
Resources | May 07, 2018

2018 tax claim codes

On your TD1 form, the Tax Claim Code indicates the amount that should be deducted from an employee's pay. A TD1 form, also...

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