A (work) day in the life of Janice Gross


Meet Janice Gross, a Payworks Team Lead in the Winnipeg Development Department.

One could say Janice is a real-life Payworks superhero; first on the scene and always ready to share her knowledge and lend a helping hand. More specifically, Janice is responsible for a team of developers. From mentoring in best coding practices, reviewing her team's work to working through and overcoming challenges. Janice's day largely consists of troubleshooting and collaborating with her team. 

First things first, Janice sets aside some time to focus on and gain control of her own developmental projects. Like a cup of coffee, establishing a foundation to better assist her team in their projects is the perfect way to start her day. With this base, Janice then works through 'pull requests (alternatively known as code reviews). This allows for a review of new developments, facilitates collaboration with her team, and provides a platform to easily ask and answer questions. Discussions with Business Analysts are key to providing direction on projects, determining the input for new functionality and getting code ready for production. 

Perhaps you're familiar with the Payworks' freshly-updated HR/Analytics Product, and of all the features that will save time in the employee life cycle by creating powerful reports, providing valuable data and insights, as well as creating a truly seamless experience (just to name a few). Unsurprisingly, Janice plays a huge role in this. Janice is there should any obstacles arise.

As of late Janice's focus has been on the Payworks' HR module, specifically on enhancing the solution's capabilities and adding more features for our clients.

Stay tuned to The Works blog and Payworks social channels to learn more about new product features.

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