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As the snow begins to melt and the days become longer, we begin to think about all the activities for which we’ve been waiting: everything from backyard BBQs to baseball games to – for many kids – bike riding. The anticipation of hauling your bike out of storage, putting on your helmet and letting the spring air fly through your hair feels like freedom!

Thanks to our community’s generosity and our own Manitoba Sales Team, and in partnership with the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation, 10-year-old Liam will be able to ride in style this spring with the new specialized bike he received in 2023.

Six individuals, one of which is sitting on an accessible bike.

Photo: Heather Reid (Payworks), Patrick Daniels (Payworks) and Brittany Hart (Johnston Group) presenting a bike to Liam as part of the 2023 campaign. This bike was custom built for Liam and is adjustable to fit him for life.

Specialized bikes have become a transformative solution for children and youth with physical or developmental disabilities, allowing them an opportunity to experience the joy and adventure of riding a bike. With features like comfortable seating, user-friendly controls and adaptive pedals, specialized bikes give those with disabilities the capability of not only the recreation aspect but also a therapeutic benefit by improving physical strength and coordination.

In June 2023, the Manitoba Sales Team put their sales skills (and Pay it Forward Days) to work as they made phone calls to help raise money to make a child’s dream come true. Together with our friends at Johnston Group, we were able to successfully raise enough funds to purchase two bikes – explore the full story here!

With adapted bikes costing anywhere from $2,000 up to $6,500, many parents are unable to give their children a specialized bike. The Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation Adapted Equipment program receives applications throughout the year to fund adapted equipment (like specialized bikes) custom-built to meet the specific needs of each child. The waitlist continues to grow, with children waiting from six to 12 months to receive a bike. To learn more about the Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation’s 25 Bikes Campaign and how you can help, visit

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