Career Trek & Payworks: Working together to “M Power” young moms



Career Trek Logo.Since 1996, Career Trek has been providing programs for children, youth and adults in the areas of education and career development. Recently, through their M Power program, Career Trek offers young moms the opportunity to “gain insight into 30 different career options, acquire or enhance valuable employability skills, set education and career goals, and experience increased confidence as they become their own education and career champions."

The program is designed to assist young moms between the ages of 16 and 23 who are currently enrolled in high school in Winnipeg. Since M Power started, Career Trek has seen 320 moms graduate from the program and start their careers in fields like athletic therapy, software development, carpentry and biosystems engineering.

On February 11, Payworks’ own Events and Community Engagement Coordinator Sara Van Walleghem, Vice President of HR Nicole Stewart and Vice President of Service Courtney Bérubé joined Career Trek for a virtual panel to talk about their experience with career exploration. Our staff shared their stories with a group of 11 young moms, talking about the lessons they learned throughout their careers. They also participated in a Q&A session with attendees, answering questions about career success and providing advice that has helped guide them through their career paths. Some of their key takeaways were:

  • Always keep trying and always keep learning. Every experience helps you get where you’re going, even if it’s not obvious right away.
  • Figure out your strengths, play on those, and you will keep moving forward.
  • Success isn’t always a direct line from Point A to Point B; sometimes it’s more of squiggle!
  • “Success is never final, and failure is never fatal” – Courtney

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