Birthday wishes do come true

Pay It Forward


Every year on September 5, we celebrate the #InternationalDayofCharity. At Payworks, community support takes many forms, including employee-initiated giving and volunteering like the story we share today.

FredIt started with a Second World War Veteran’s Facebook wish in early February for 100 birthday cards in recognition of his 100th birthday the following month. Toronto Sales Consultant Tara Beardmore saw the request on social media and prompted her Payworks coworkers from coast-to-coast to answer the call by helping make Canadian Veteran and Legion Member Fred Arsenault's wish come true. Tara offered to coordinate the delivery of the cards to Fred in recognition of her husband Wil, who’s also a Canadian Veteran.

“I don’t know Fred personally, but naturally, when we saw the post about Fred, it tugged at our heartstrings and we just wanted to do our part to honour this monumental occasion of someone who served his country in WWII," said Tara. "There are very few veterans left from that period of history, and it’s important to me that they know how much we appreciate their sacrifices."

Tara received more than 100 cards from Payworks staff and was heartened to know that she and her coworkers alone would fulfill Fred's request in its entirety. She also collected cards from friends and local schools, and sent Fred a total of 250 birthday cards before his birthday on March 6. Tara also wasn't the only person who wanted to make Fred's 100th birthday extra special; he received more than 90,000 birthday cards as a result of his viral Facebook post. In one day, his mailman delivered 22 bins each containing between 200 and 300 letters and well-wishes. 


Thank you to everyone, including all of our Payworks staff, who sent along birthday cards to Fred. This was an amazing testament to the caring and compassionate nature of the people who make up our communities and we're proud to serve you. Special recognition and a shout-out to Tara who brought this request to our staff, gathered all of the cards and ensured they were delivered to Fred in time for his 100th celebration. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to the betterment of our community and for taking the time to Pay it Forward! 

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