Fun, games and team building at the 2017 DEV Winter Olympics


Congratulations to the Unequaled Walruses - they are the team that reigned supreme in the 2017 DEV Winter Olympics

Becoming a staple event recurring in both the summer and winter months at the Payworks Winnipeg office, it’s all in the name of team building for our Developers, QAs, BAs, and Ops staffers. The DEV Winter Olympics 2017 which took place in December marks the fifth Olympics our Dev Team has hosted.

In total there were eight teams competing in nine different competitions for this edition. Challenges included:
Heads Up (based on the game popularized by Ellen DeGeneres)

‘Ping’ Pong (the game with red solos and ping pong balls that truly tests the hand-eye coordination)

Riddle Me This (testing how many riddles one can solve in 15 minutes)
So Many Pieces, So Little Time (a timed competition of putting together a puzzle with your teammates)
Pictionary (guessing the team’s drawing to get points)

Master Memory Challenge (after being shown a series of pictures see how many questions you can accurately answer about them)
Target Practice (how good are you at being a Nerf gun sharpshooter)


Family Feud (asking teams questions and having them uncover what the most popular answers are to each)
and Jeopardy (testing trivia knowledge). 

And in the end, taking home the Payworks Cup at the end of the year’s competition was the Unequaled Walruses which consisted of Lauren Himbeault, Bisong Taiwo, Kevin Yaworski, Ezra Lazar, Brent Rempel, and Ryan Koop. The DEV Summer Olympics 2018 are set to take place in July 2018. 

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