Innovation | Aug 10, 2021

New release: Workforce Analytics available 'en français'

We’re pleased to say that the French language component of our Workforce Analytics solution is now available. If you haven’t yet heard what Analytics can do for your business, it’s an easy-to-use but powerful tool that helps transform payroll costs,...
Resources | Oct 22, 2020

Strength in numbers: taking a layered approach to information security

When an employee browses the web, they’re unknowingly connecting to hundreds, if not thousands, of information systems to...
Resources | Oct 19, 2020

Keeping endpoint security on point

As your organization grows, so will the number of desktops, laptops, smartphones and servers connecting to your network....
Resources | Oct 15, 2020

Software updates: one of the simplest ways to protect your system

The challenge of keeping pace with technological evolution can feel daunting – there’s always a new and better version of...
Innovation | Oct 06, 2020

Asked and answered: Can you remove an employee status in Payworks Workforce Analytics?

Payworks Workforce Analytics frequently asked question: Can I remove an employee status in Workforce Analytics so they’re...
Resources | Mar 01, 2020

Turning data into decisions: the role of analytics in guiding strategy

In the two years since we last explored workplace analytics (see “Analytics: An Indispensable Business Tool” in the...
Culture | Jan 09, 2020

Working behind the scenes on Workforce Analytics

Behind the scenes of Payworks' Absence Management and Analytics products is a talented team of software developers who write the platform's code and maintain its functionality so that our clients can create efficiencies and gain insights into their...
Resources | Oct 31, 2019

Top 10: reasons businesses should outsource payroll

Owning a small business means wearing many metaphorical hats, some of which may feel like a more natural fit than others....
Culture | Sep 19, 2019

A (work) day in the life of Janice Gross

Meet Janice Gross, a Payworks Team Lead in the Winnipeg Development Department. One could say Janice is a real-life Payworks...
Events | Jul 03, 2019

Tech demos, industry pros & tons of prizes at the latest show

Our staff is back in the office after making Payworks' debut at the HR Tech Summit at the Enercare Centre in Toronto June...
Events | May 27, 2019

Our debut at HRD’s HR Tech Summit

We’re excited to show off our integrated HR offering along with our suite of workforce management solutions at the HR Tech Summit at the Enercare Centre in Toronto June 18 to 19. This will be the 3rd Annual HRD HR Tech Summit and it will be...
Innovation | May 13, 2019

Newly released features: Workforce Analytics & Analytics Pro

Coming Soon: Analytics Pro Payworks Workforce Analytics enables you to evaluate your organization’s performance at a glance...
Events | Feb 01, 2019

HR’s new best friend

Payworks ‘reintroduced’ itself to the HR industry at the Human Resources Professional Association’s (HRPA) Annual Conference...
Innovation | Jun 11, 2018

Answering questions you didn't know you had

Evaluate your organization’s performance at a glance, thanks to Payworks’ innovative Analytics solution.  Payworks Workforce...
Events | Jun 08, 2018

Launching Analytics at CPA conference in June

The Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) is hosting their 36th Annual Conference and Trade Show in Ottawa, Ontario June 27 to...
Innovation | Jun 06, 2018

Top 10 reasons to consider Analytics

An article written by Payworks expert Myles Halliday, Vice President, Product Management, as featured in Dialogue Magazine....
Media | May 08, 2018

Watch: Workforce Analytics video

Intuitive, user-friendly, powerful: With #Payworks Workforce Analytics, it's easy to bring payroll, HR and time information together and analyze data across years.   Learn more about Payworks Workforce Analytics by watching this video.
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