Resources | Dec 03, 2020

For your remote workforce: Why 2020 is the year to go paperless for year-end

Let’s take one item off your plate this year-end! Using the Payworks application, administrators can elect to distribute their employee’s tax forms electronically instead of providing printed copies. Going paperless is more efficient and secure,...
Resources | Nov 18, 2020

Year-end reporting: what you need to know for 2020

Last updated: Tuesday, November 24 Ready or not… here it comes! Year-end is right around the corner, and like the rest of...
Innovation | Nov 06, 2020

How your feedback drives our functionality… and why clients should keep the comments coming

Clear communication has long been acknowledged as the key to healthy relationships between friends, partners, family...
Resources | Jun 02, 2020

For your remote workforce: access Payworks ESS from convenient home screen tile

There’s a quick and easy way for remote workers to access their T4s and pay statements and to change important information...
Innovation | Jan 30, 2020

New: document uploads

Did you know that you can now upload employee documents into the Payworks’ Human Resources module? It’s super easy. Admins...
Media | Dec 13, 2019

Watch: This T4 season, let Payworks do the heavy lifting

Experience a different kind of year-end with Payworks. Take advantage of our knowledgeable service and industry-leading,...

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