Resources | Oct 30, 2020

Think you’ve fallen for a phishing attempt? Here’s what to do next

Even with comprehensive training, frequent reminders and high vigilance, an ultra-sophisticated phishing attempt may slip past you or a member of your team in a moment of distraction. Many likely already know the sinking feeling of recognizing...
Resources | Oct 29, 2020

Why two-factor authentication is worth the extra step

While the term itself may not be familiar, you very likely already use two-factor authentication (2FA). Whether it’s a text...
Resources | Oct 22, 2020

Strength in numbers: taking a layered approach to information security

When an employee browses the web, they’re unknowingly connecting to hundreds, if not thousands, of information systems to...
Resources | Oct 19, 2020

Keeping endpoint security on point

As your organization grows, so will the number of desktops, laptops, smartphones and servers connecting to your network....
Resources | Oct 15, 2020

Software updates: one of the simplest ways to protect your system

The challenge of keeping pace with technological evolution can feel daunting – there’s always a new and better version of...
Resources | Oct 02, 2020

Six ways to engage your employees in social engineering defense

Social engineering is an increasingly common tactic used by “bad guys” online to gain access to personal information or an...
Resources | Oct 01, 2020

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month – here’s why that matters now more than ever

Did you know that October is Cyber Security Awareness Month? As the leaves fall (or the snowflakes – this is Canada, after all), we’re reminded that it’s time for a refresher on best practices to keep ourselves and our personal information safe....

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