Mark your calendar: 2019-20 statutory holiday schedule


In the world of payroll, there are a number of reasons why the statutory holiday schedule is an important one. Not only does it mean a day off work for some additional R&R and monitoring holiday pay rates, but more importantly it can impact the day payroll has to be processed. That's of utmost importance because it means keeping employees paid not just accurately, but also on-time.

The recommended best practice is to process payroll three business days in advance of the employee's payment date. Taking into consideration weekends and banking holidays that could mean processing payroll anywhere from three to even six or seven days in advance of the employee's payment date. With that in mind, Payworks has put together a list that shows the remaining statutory holidays for 2019 and also the expected stat holidays in 2020, accompanied by the date of the coinciding banking holiday as well. 

Mark your calendars now! 

Holiday Date Banking Holiday
Christmas Day December 25, 2019 Wednesday, December 25, 2019
Boxing Day  December 26, 2019 Thursday, December 26, 2019
New Year's Day  January 1, 2020 Wednesday, January 1, 2020
Traditional Holiday (QC) January 2, 2020 Thursday, January 2
Third Monday in February * February 17, 2020 Monday, February 17
Heritage Day (YT) February 21, 2020 Friday, February 21
St. Patrick’s Day (NL) March 17, 2020 Monday, March 16
Good Friday April 10, 2020 Friday, April 10
Easter Monday (QC) April 13, 2020 Monday, April 13
St. George’s Day (NL) April 20, 2020 Monday, April 20
Victoria Day (Patriots’ Day in QC) May 18, 2020 Monday, May 18
National Indigenous Peoples Day
(NT, NU)
June 21, 2020
Discovery Day (NL) June 22, 2020 Monday, June 22
St. Jean Baptiste Day (QC) June 24, 2020 Wednesday, June 24
Canada Day July 1, 2020 Wednesday, July 1
Nunavut Day (NU) July 9, 2020 Thursday, July 9
Orangeman’s Day (NL) July 13, 2020 Monday, July 13
First Monday in August ** August 3, 2020 Monday, August 3
Discovery Day (YT) August 17, 2020 Monday, August 17
Labour Day September 7, 2020 Monday, September 7
Thanksgiving Day October 12, 2020 Monday, October 12
Remembrance Day *** November 11, 2020 Wednesday, November 11
Christmas Day December 25, 2020 Friday, December 25
Boxing Day December 26, 2020 Monday, December 28

* Holiday in BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, PE, NS and NB.

** Holiday in BC, SK, ON, NT, NU and NB. This is an optional day at the employer’s discretion in AB, MB, PEI, and NS.

*** Offices closed in BC, AB, MB, YT, NT, NU, NB, PE and NL. This is an optional day at the employer’s discretion in SK and NS.

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