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Payworks HR Director Nicole Stewart and HR Manager Candace Synchyshyn welcome you to attend their webinar Recharge HR: Redefining Engagement taking place on Thursday, March 5 from 11am to 12pm CST.

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The buzzwords "employee engagement" are often used, but rarely defined the same way twice. In this one-hour webinar Nicole and Candace will answer questions like:

  • "What does employee engagement actually mean?"
  • "Is a happy employee an engaged employee?"
  • "How do you identify opportunities for your own organization to evolve?"

Nicole and Candace will also share some examples of what has (and hasnt'!) worked here at Payworks when it comes to keeping employees engaged. Plus, they'll chat about how Canadian business owners can determine what will work for their OWN people - to assist them in building the right culture for their team (HINT: it's not catered lunches and beer kegs). 

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