Pay it Forward!


The Payworks philosophy is to Pay it Forward – to participate in meaningful ways in the communities where our employees work, live, and raise their families. We believe that the richness and health of our community greatly enhances the quality of life for everyone. In November 2015, Payworks added a Pay it Forward Day to its list of employee benefits. Growing from Payworks’ philosophy on corporate social responsibility, Pay it Forward Day enables Payworks staff to donate a different resource other than money - their time. Payworks employees can take one day off per calendar year to donate their time and skills to a not-for-profit charitable organization of their choosing.

Did you know that since we implemented the Payworks Pay it Forward Day that our staff has donated 762 hours to their local communities? That's 102 Pay it Forward Days! 


On International Pay it Forward Day, we're celebrating the 762 hours that have been donated by our staff and look forward to seeing that number grow exponentially in 2019!


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