The Golden Keyboard has been awarded


The Payworks Development Team participated in CodeWorks April 25 to 27. 

CodeWorks is a friendly competition that provides the Development Team with the opportunity to bring their own innovative ideas to life! Our staff is divided into teams, provided a theme to create a project around, and given an allotted time-frame to bring that idea to completion. When time is up, participants present their project to the entire group, and an overall winner is awarded the ‘Golden Keyboard’. 

This spring the focus was on internal tools and at the end of the day, the Golden Keyboard was awarded to the creators of My Fit.  My Fit was a project brought to life by Systems Developers Mike Sims, Josh Krcadinac, Lauren Himbeault, Quality Assurance Analyst Inga Kizilov, and Business Analyst Kate Loewen. They created an online system for Payworks to schedule fitness classes at our Head Office's gymnasium, and it also allows for Payworks employees to sign up for those classes. 

“They were all great ideas to improve on our internal systems and it was great to see the Development Team working together and collectively,” said Director, Quality Willie Malcolm, and Vice President, Development Andrew Stevens. 

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